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Drop Box - Quick File Copy Application with Source Code

Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #30 by Claude Sutterlin


Drop Box - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #30

Drop Box - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #30

Do you find yourself constantly copying files to only a few folders / network directories? Need a tool to help you simply drag and drop files to a place configured to take the file to a predefined "named" location?

A great idea for the Fancy Delphi Application Contest ;-)

DropBox - Quick File Copy

Basically it's a set of "drop boxes" that you can point toward folders (including network folders).

The simple application window contains 5 "boxes" - click a box, set the folder and give it a name.

You can then drag and drop files onto these boxes to be sent out to those locations. I created it because I was constantly copying files to a network location for testing.

The code uses Windows API functions DragQueryFile and DragAcceptFiles.

"Drop Box" was submitted by Claude Sutterlin.

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