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Top 10 Fun Reasons why you Should Stop Using Delphi, now!


I don't know about you, but I've seen too many newsgroups/forum posts that state/ask something like "Is Delphi dying?" or "Delphi has no future", and similar.

Of course, this is far from truth. If you have read about Borland's plans for the next few Delphi product releases you know that Delphi will always be there to help developers produce better software, faster!

If you are in trouble asking yourself "should I switch to some other language", here's what could make you move away from Delphi:

  1. Delphi makes it too easy to write good programs which leads to a decline in programmer billable hours.
  2. There are too many components on the component palette. You should have only 10 to 15 available that way at most.
  3. Under the current naming scheme, in the year 32768 the delphi name will roll over to "Delphi negative 32768". (Although, there is still time to change the number used to represent the year to a longint, that only postpones the problem to the year 2,147,483,647.)
  4. Delphi Man has failed to follow OSHA regulations regarding protective clothing despite the obvious hazards of his environment.
  5. Dr. Deadline has a Ph.D. and Delphi Man doesn't.
  6. No support for the BeOS operating system.
  7. The Delphi cash cow only gives green milk but what consumers want is chocolate.
  8. FastMM4 doesn't usually increase speed by more than 50%.
  9. The Jedi were long, long, ago in a galaxy far, far away and thus, are not relevant to modern concerns.
  10. No 128-bit compiler in the roadmap: not even for .Net!

Note: Top 10 reasons were originally posted on Borland's delphi.non-technical news group by Richard B. Winston.

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