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Holiday Gift Ideas for Delphi programmers

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Delphi programmers

The holiday seasons are near and we're already hunting for answers to please our family members (boy/girl friend) asking: "What do you want for [insert_occasion_here]?"

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, there might be a Delphi programmer on your shopping list. But how do you find a Delphi goodie that he/she is sure to enjoy? Unfortunatelly, I can't take all the guesswork out of holiday shopping, I can offer a few tips.

This article is going to point you to some places on the net where you can find neat gifts for that Delphi coder in your life - the web is a great place to shop.

What to buy?

For those people wondering what gifts to give to the Delphi coder in the their life or what gifts would compliment the new release of Delphi to be be the best present under the tree this year, here's my guide to holiday gift ideas for Delphi coders:

Newest Delphi!

It might show to be the best solution. The most comprehensive set of visual, high-performance, client and server development tools for creating distributed enterprise and Web-enabled applications - this is exactly what Delphi is. Why not buy the newest version of Delphi coder's most loving software.


If he/she's like most people, some of the best gifts he/she ever received are books. The best programming books last forever, can be read again and again, and help Delphi programmer in innumerable different ways as the years go by. Books are always great gifts. Before you go out and buy any Delphi book, find out what your intended recipient is interested in. Some books that I personally think would make great gifts are listed here: Delphi Books.


You don't need to know this, but components are essential elements of the Delphi RAD environment. Components allow Delphi programmer to quickly and easily design and create Windows as well as Web and database applications. The great thing about Delphi components is that they can be bought with source so your recipient might learn from them. Check out the Where to Find Custom Delphi Components? article for a free/shareware solution.

[Better] Job

Another thing might be interesting. Why not help your recipient to become a certified Delphi developer. Naturally that exam costs - but hey you can't do the whole work; just to pay for the Delphi Certified Developers Exam should be enough.


Free of course. Why not subscribe for a free Delphi Programming newsletter that will keep your recipient updated on all the things around and about Delphi Programming.

Need More Ideas?

I've given you some ideas above, which may or may not satisfy a person on your gift list. For some other opinions post your views, or look for guidance on the questions and issues that matter to buying a holiday present to a Delphi code guru, on the Delphi Programming Forum

Time to go shopping! Happy Holidays!

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