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Icons and Glyphs for Delphi Programs: Menus, Toolbars and Buttons

Various icons, glyphs and small pictures to use in Delphi applications.

"Powered by Delphi" Logo Images
A collection of 'Powered by Delphi' logos and buttons. Place them on your Web site, your Delphi application splash-screen, about box, help, documentation, and anywhere else you think it might be appropriate.

Delphi-Box's Glyph-Collection
Over 9000 bitmaps, glyphs, button images.

For software application use glyphs are the images used in toolbars and menus and differ from application icons in that they only contain a single image format. Glyfz are high colour, high quality glyphs.

glyFX Common Toolbar Set
The Common Toolbar Set contains 34 of the most often used toolbar images, such as file functions (create, open, save), printing and navigation. These images can be used in any application and form the basis of the glyfx collection. Each image is supplied in 2 sizes (16x16 & 24x24) and 3 states (normal, hot & disabled).

Leo's well known Archive with thousands of handselected icons, decorative initials, mozillas, butterflys, lines, under construcion icons and original work, everything is free.

Icon Bazaar
Icons and images for use in your applications. Very large collection.

Java Look and Feel
Collection of toolbar button graphics for use with the JavaTM look and feel.

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