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New and Improved: Screen Thief 2


TCP Server + TCP Client := Network (Internet) Application!
Screen Thief Server 2

Screen Thief Server 2

Screen Thief is a free network screen shot grabber application, with source code.

Screen Thief can send / receive raw (binary) data (screen shot images) using TCP connections; it's a network application designed to "steal" screen shot images from client computers (client application) and display them in one central location (server application).

New and Improved!

Lubomir Mihailov downloaded the source code from the original version and extended it by providing many new great features:
  • Server shutdown procedures enabling server shutdown without having to stop the clients.

  • Keep the clients running and waiting for the server to wake up.

  • Whenever you shutdown the server, the clients will silently wait for the server to come a live again. This makes it possible to setup the clients far away from you and forget about them.

  • Host to IP translation to allow operating over the Internet with services like DynDns and aliased host names.

Note: Screen Thief uses Indy 9 - therefore you will need this version to be able to compile the Server and the Client program.

Wait no more: Download Screen Thief 2 Source Code!

Source Code

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