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Extract Links From an HTML Page Using Delphi

Get Href Attribute From The A Tag From an HTML Document


In most situations you use the TWebBrowser to display HTML documents to the user - thus creating your own version of the (Internet Explorer) Web browser.

A very nice feature of a Browser is to display link information, for example, in the status bar, when the mouse hovers over a link in a document. This can also be done in Delphi: Get the Url of a Hyperlink when the Mouse moves Over a TWebBrowser Document.

Sometimes, you "only" want to extract all the links from a HTML document / URL. You want to get the HREF attribute of all A tags.

Here's how to extract all hyperlinks from an HTML document. The ExtractLinks procedure fills a TStrings object with the value of the HREF attribute of the A HTML element.

Extract HyperLinks

uses mshtml, ActiveX, COMObj, IdHTTP, idURI;

//extract "href" attribute from A tags from an URL - into a TStrings
procedure ExtractLinks(const url: String; const strings: TStrings) ;
   iDoc : IHTMLDocument2;
   strHTML : string;
   v : Variant;
   x : integer;
   links : OleVariant;
   docURL : string;
   URI : TidURI;
   aHref : string;
   idHTTP : TidHTTP;
  URI := TidURI.Create(url) ;
    docURL := 'http://' + URI.Host;
    if URI.Path <> '/' then docURL := docURL + URI.Path;
  iDoc := CreateComObject(Class_HTMLDOcument) as IHTMLDocument2;
    iDoc.designMode := 'on';
    while iDoc.readyState <> 'complete' do Application.ProcessMessages;
    v := VarArrayCreate([0,0],VarVariant) ;
    idHTTP := TidHTTP.Create(nil) ;
      strHTML := idHTTP.Get(url) ;
    v[0]:= strHTML;
    iDoc.write(PSafeArray(System.TVarData(v).VArray)) ;
    iDoc.designMode := 'off';
    while iDoc.readyState<>'complete' do Application.ProcessMessages;
    links := iDoc.all.tags('A') ;
    if links.Length > 0 then
      for x := 0 to -1 + links.Length do
        aHref := links.Item(x).href;
        if (aHref[1] = '/') then
          aHref := docURL + aHref
        else if Pos('about:', aHref) = 1
          then aHref := docURL + Copy(aHref, 7, Length(aHref)) ;
        strings.Add(aHref) ;
    iDoc := nil;

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