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Server Side Web Scripting With Delphi

A look at server-side scripting solutions based on Delphi language


On Web scripting

In general server-side scripting languges are programming environment that provides the ability to combine HTML, scripting, and components to create powerful Internet applications that run on your server.
Web (or HTML) scripting enables you to set and store variables, and work with data in your HTML code. With scripting, you write your HTML code and create scripts to take action based on user input or variables. You can use server-side scripting languages to create and run dynamic, interactive Web server applications.

Most of todays web applications are using script engines like Python, Perl, PHP, ASP or ASP.NET.

Delphi-like server-side scripting languages

For the moment Borland has not officially released some Delphi-like server-side scripting language. Let's not get confused here: Delphi HAS a way of developing interactive Web server applications. WebSnap, for example, enables Delphi to build the scriptable business objects, database driven web pages, and back-end servers that are integral to a successful, dynamic web site. In case of WebSnap, html code is generated by hardwired delphi functions and when you want to alter design of resulting webpages you often have to recompile the project.
Before the release of Delphi for .NET (with its support for ASP.NET) you, as a Delphi developer, were foreced to use some non-Pascal style language when developing interactive web pages / applications using server-side scripting. Hopefully, on the Net, there are some third-party solutions...

A Beginner's Guide to ASP.NET Programming for Delphi developers
This free online course is perfect for beginner Delphi 8 developers as well as for those who want a broad overview of the art of ASP.NET Web programming with Borland Delphi.

Developers will learn how to design, develop and debug Asp.Net web application using Borland Delphi 8 for .Net. The chapters will cover the fundamental elements of creating Web applications (working with Web Forms, Web Services and User Controls) using Delphi, including the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the Delphi for .Net language.
Developers will get up to speed quickly through real world, practical example. The entire course is build arround the DBSWebExample ASP.NET web sample application that comes as a demo project with the Delphi 8 installation.

This course is aimed to those who are new to programming, come from some other development environment (like MS Visual Basic, or Java) or are new to Delphi.

Delphi Prism http://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi-prism
Delphi Prism is the fast way to build .NET, ASP.NET, data-driven, and cross-platform Mono applications. Delphi Prism includes a full IDE and powerful programming language with features not available in other .NET programming languages. You can target Windows, Linux and Mac OS X using Mono, connect with all your data, and work with the latest .NET technologies including WPF and LINQ.

IntraWEB http://www.atozed.com/Intraweb
Web application development framework for Delphi. IntraWeb is a component-based Web development framework written in Delphi by AtoZed Software. It combines the visual development with a robust collection of dynamic Web site creation features. Included in Delphi 7 and later versions.

G http://g-framework.org
You create a G application by declaring and registering your business objects and models in a unit, then compiling them into a package. G configures the Web Server Controller with the data it needs to load the application package, and to locate the correct model and HTML Template files to use for a particular web request.

DelphiWebScript http://sourceforge.net/projects/dws/
DelphiWebScript is a scripting language for use in Delphi projects. The programming language supported by DWS is a subset of Delphi Pascal which supports all important feature of an object orientated programming language. Its HTML features are optimal for web applications and report modules. If a web surfer requests a page with embedded DWS scripts, the scripts are executed and the output of the script is sent back to the web surfer.

Nozicle Development Environment http://www.archive.org/details/tucows_326295_Nozicle_Development_Environment
The NDE is a software development tool used to create highly scalable web based applications with the look and feel of Windows. Nozicle applications are 'served' using a standard web server with no proprietary middle-ware. The only other requirements are that the web server is installed with PHP and MySQL. Programming language is 'DelphiScript' and is highly compatible with Delphi. NDE can use Delphi custom components. NOTE: no longer under development.

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