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Delphi and Active Forms
Let's create an ActiveX form that can be displayed and run from within Web browsers.
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Active Form?
In Delphi, an ActiveForm is an ActiveX control that encapsulates a Delphi form.
An ActiveForm form is just a regular Delphi form. The form may contain any VCL or ActiveX components, including custom built VCL controls. We can add code, and respond to events just like we do for a form that belongs to a *standard* Windws application. The one difference is that the title bar on an ActiveForm does not appear on the control itself. It's just there at design time.
Creating an ActiveX form
Delphi provides an ActiveForm wizard to facilitate the creation of ActiveForms. The wizard creates an ActiveX library project to contain the ActiveForm and an active form, which you can customize.

To create a new ActiveX control (in this case ActiveForm), click on File|New, and choose the ActiveX tab. Then, double-click on the ActiveForm icon.
For this example, accept the default names for the ActiveForm name and implementation unit - just click OK. The wizard creates an ActiveX Library project, a type library, a form, an implementation unit and a unit that contains all of the corresponding type library declarations.

A few code lines...
Once the ActiveForm is created, you can add controls from the component palette. For this example try adding a TEdit component and a TButton.


Now, add the following code to the OnClick event of the TButton:

procedure TActiveFormX.Button1Click
(Sender: TObject);

   Web deploy
In order to use an ActiveForm on a Web page, you must use the Web Deploy option. To deploy the ActiveForm project, Web deployment options must be set appropriately, and the project must be compiled. Select Project|Web Deployment Options to open the Web Deployment Options dialog box. Deploying a simple ActiveForm is quite simple, and only requires that we enter data on the Project page of the Web Deployment dialog.

Some of the Web deploy options

If you choose to place the HTML (HTML Dir) file and the OCX (Target Dir) in the same directory, then Target URL entry should simply be './' to indicate the current directory.

Now, simply select Project|Web Deploy, the form will be deployed to the selected directory as a simple OCX, along with an test HTML page with a reference to the ActiveForm.

   It's working
Finally, we can see our ActiveForm working. If you open your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) and point it to the address of the new HTML page, you should see your ActiveForm displayed.

Preview: Active form in Web browser

Try changing the text in TEdit, click on the Button; this will display a message box with your text.

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