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Reading and Manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with Delphi


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Reading and Manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with Delphi
I suppose the code is more or less easy to understand:
  1. Make sure FileName property of the TXMLDocument points to our XML file.
  2. Set Active to True
  3. Find the first <item> ("meat") node
  4. Iterate through all the <item> nodes and grab the information they cary.
  5. Add each <item> node's value to ListView

Maybe only the next line can be confusing: StartItemNode := XMLDoc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes.First.ChildNodes.FindNode('item') ;

The DocumentElement property of the XMLDoc provides access to the root node of the document. This root node is the <rss> element. Next, ChildNodes.First returns the only child node to the <rss> element, which is the <channel> node. Now, ChildNodes.FindNode('item') finds the first "meat" node. Once we have the first <item> node we simply iterate through all the "meat" nodes in the document. The NextSibling method returns the next child of a node’s parent.

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