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Kylix - Delphi for Linux

Kylix is the only Linux development tool that combines the world's fastest compiler with the most productive visual design environment for GUI, web and database programming.
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A first look at Kylix
Taking a short trip to Linuxland - find out what Kylix has to offer to a Delphi developer preparing to code cross-platform applications.

Kylix := Delphi in [Linux]
What is Kylix and what does it offer to a Delphi developer.

Install Made for Kylix
Installation builder for Kylix-specific Installs

VCL versus CLX
This paper will look at the new CLX library that ships with all versions of Kylix and also with Delphi 6 and later. Delphi developers are familiar with the VCL, the Windows-only component library.

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