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Mathematics with Delphi

Find about mathematics (algebra, statistics, numbers) in Delphi. Articles, tutorials, control, components and more.

How to convert numbers from one base to another, using Delphi
Borland Delphi functions for converting Int to Bin, Int to Hex, Int to Roman and vice versa.

Delphi Math Functions
Parsers, Mathematical Expression Evaluators, Calculators.

Delphi Math Info
Info about Delphi Math unit, Floating-Point Numbers, IEEE Math. Math Questions, Delphi Math Tips and Tricks.

When using Delphi to develop engineering applications, you'll often find that the mathematics support in the development environment is not enough. TComplexMath unit is a way out! Full source code.

Exploring Numbers, Not-A-Number, and Infinity Tech Note

Numerical Accuracy 101 for Delphi Developers
This page is intended to offer a modest overview of practical numeric accuracy issues as they relate to the development of financial and scientific software using Borland's Delphi.

Using the Math Unit
"I've heard of the Math unit that's included with the Developer level version of Delphi. How do I use it?"

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