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MySQL with Delphi

A collection of tutorials and articles explaining accessing data from MySQL database using Delphi. MySQL a reliable, fast, compact, powerful and multi-platform multi-threaded open-source database server.

How to set up the dbGo (ADO) ConnectionString for mySQL database
If your database choice is mySQL and you are using dbGO (ADO) components, over the mySQL ODBC 3.51 driver, this is how your TADOConnection's ConnectionString property should look ...

Delphi and MySQL
On MYSQL license and using Delphi to access MySQL with both ODBC and libmysql.dll

Dephi components to access MySQL
An overview of VCL components allowing you to access a MySQL database from Delphi using standard data controls without using BDE/ADO/ODBC. Plus a few MYSQL related tools.

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