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Networking with Delphi

Working with network connections from Delphi.

Simple HTML page Scraping with Delphi
The idea of this article is to show you the techniques used to download a page from the Internet, do some page scraping and finally present the information in more "situation-friendly" manner.

Browse for Computers
Use Delphi (and API) to display the directory structure of a computer and allow a user to select a folder without using the Common Dialog control. Plus: select a printer or network computer.

ScreenThief - stealing screen shots over the Network
A free network screen shot grabber application, with source code. Learn how to send / receive raw (binary) data (screen shot JPG images) using TCP connections. ScreenThief is a network application designed to "steal" screen shot images from client computers and display them in one central location (server application).

TNetDrive is a non-visual component that connects a network path to a drive name. Full source code.

Exchanging data over the network using Delphi
In this article we'll examine two Delphi components: TServerSocket and TClientSocket, both designed to let you read and write information over a TCP/IP connection - thus enabling you to write network-aware applications.

My IP with Delphi
How to obtain a computer's IP address by using the Socket API and Delphi Pascal.

Creating your own dial-up application
In this article, we're going to build a nearly full-featured dial-up application. In the process, we'll demonstrate many of the RAS API features. The finished project can replace Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking application.

Get File From the Net
Create a Delphi application that downloads files from the Internet; add an auto-update feature to your programs.

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