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Protect your Delphi Software

More about issues on protection from any unauthorized usage


Delphi Piracy Protection

Delphi Piracy Protection

Delphi Piracy Protection
This article is intended for those Delphi developers who want to know more about issues on protection from any unauthorized usage. My idea is to present you some of the points and tips you should be familiar with when developing shareware/commercial applications. Of course, it's impossible to cover the problem in its entirety.

"It always happens to someone else"

Ok, you've finally finished your (first) shareware / commercial Delphi application. Now, as Your_First_Mighty_App is presented to the general public, it gains some success, people buy your work and you are ready to go for Your_Second_Mighty_App. But, unfortunately, as time goes by, you are more and more familiar with the term "warez"!
The term "warez" is generally used to describe cracks, patches, keys, and key generators, just about anything that will let people use your software without having to pay for it.

How to fight back?

There are many tips arround the Internet about software protection, here are some of the best:

Protect your software: tips and recommendations
Here you'll find some 20 tips.
"If you found that your software cracked, don't panic. In any situation you must find the good news for you. In this situation you must understand that your software is best on market but cracker which broke you protection are better then you now. It is like game - you released a new protection, he must crack it. The next step is your: you must change a protection and add a some hidden surprise for your opponent - new crypt algorithm, new hidden places etc. It's a life."

How to protect better
This page hosts several great anti-cracking tips and suggestion. You'll find more than 50 suggestions on how to protect your sotware.

Anti Cracking FAQ
Contents :
.How to make cracking your app a little bit harder
.More tips you might take into consideration
.Advanced tips given by Assembler freaks
.Special on Delphi reverse engineering
.Some notes on registration numbers
.Some notes on timebombs
.How to find cracks for your apps
.What to do if you found a crack for your app
.Facts and Myths about Software pirating
.Thoughts and letters from crackers

Protect your programs from piracy
"You can dramatically increase your program’s fortitude, yet it is going to take greater carefulness and attention than common programming takes. Here’s a small example: when proposing a method of protection by means of setting a counter of program launches, this article suggested to put this counter into a .ini file with a name that sounds intimidatingly scientific, and the most important thing was to forcibly set the same old date of modification for this file after each decrement of the counter."

How To Shutdown Warez Sites
Extensive information on how to report warez sites as well as a complete e-mail form.

"How to fight back"?

Now, that you know how to protect your software, here's an article (Decompiling Delphi) on how to (try to) decompile a Delphi application ... just to be sure you haven't missed something! Happy coding ;)) "One component to protect them all" If you are interested in an all-in-one solution to your protection needs, please check the "A better way to protect your Delphi projects" article.

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