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1999. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 1999


All of your favorite Delphi tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, VCL top picks, tool reviews, source code projects on Delphi Programming and a lot more, sorted by date.

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Delphi Programming Almanac 1999

Custom Component Development - 12/28/99
Everything about creating custom components in Delphi. The ultimate source.

Data Searching in Delphi database applications - 12/14/99
Searching for values/records in non-indexed fields. Incremental Searching Part 2.

Recursions in Delphi - 12/07/99
Writing and using recursive functions in Object Pascal.

Resource Files Made Easy - 11/30/99
How Delphi uses standard Windows-format resource files: icons, bitmaps and cursors.

TScreen Object Demystified - 11/23/99
Coding the TScreen object, obtainer of all information about the current state of the screen in a Delphi application.

Functions and Procedures - 11/16/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Creating user defined subroutines.

Text Files in Delphi - 11/09/99
Handling ASCII files from Object Pascal code.

Creating Notepad - Menus - 10/12/99
Adding menu support to MyNotepad. Part 3.

Creating Notepad - Find and Replace - 10/05/99
Improving MyNotepad with Find and Replace dialog boxes. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 2.

Creating Notepad - Open and Save - 09/28/99
Working with common dialog boxes Open and Save. How to create my own Notepad using Delphi. Part 1.

TClipboard.Cut-Copy-Paste - 09/21/99
Working with the Windows Clipboard from a Delphi application - basic operations: Cut, Copy and Paste.

How to Create a Windows Shortcut (.LNK) File - 09/14/99
Creating a standard Windows shortcut file from Delphi.

Understanding and Using Decisions in Delphi Programming - 09/07/99
If you want to control the flow of code execution depending on what the program has already done or what it has just encountered you need to use one of the two Delphi Pascal branching statements: if statements and case statements.

Manipulating BDE Aliases from Delphi Code - 08/31/99
The BDE uses an Alias to access a particular database. The terms alias and database are synonymous when talking about the BDE. Find out about various methods available to Delphi developer when working with the BDE aliases from code.

Start from Delphi - 08/24/99
Executing and running applications and files from Delphi.

Using ADO in a Delphi application - 08/17/99
Data access using Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) with Delphi.

Understanding and Using Loops in Delphi Programming - 08/10/99
Loops allow you to execute a sequence of statements repeatedly, using a control condition or variable to determine when the execution stops. Delphi has three kinds of control loop: repeat statements, while statements, and for statements. Learn how to use loops in Delphi programming.

Dragging and Dropping in Delphi applications - 08/03/99
Monitoring Mouse Activity - Part 3/3. Handling drag and drop in Delphi.

Monitoring Mouse Activity - Part 2/3 - 07/27/99
More sophisticated techiques. OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, Restrict movement, Set Position, etc.

Monitoring Mouse Activity - Part 1/3 - 07/13/99
How to obtain, control and use information that mouse provides to Delphi.

Disk in drive A: - 07/06/99
Some useful routines when playing with floppy disk and Delphi.

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