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1999. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 1999


Typed constants - 06/29/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> How to implement persistent values between function calls.

Running Delphi Applications with Parameters - 06/22/99
How to pass command-line parameters to your Delphi application and how to handle them.

Where to Find Custom Delphi Components? - 06/15/99
Where to look for various free/shareware Delphi components.

Variable Scope - 06/08/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Object Pascal Variable Scope: now you see me, now you don't.

SQL in Delphi - 06/01/99
Using Structured Query Language in Delphi.

Delphi Online - 05/25/99
Learning Delphi online - where to search for help.

Anatomy of a Delphi Unit - 05/11/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Interface, Implementation, Initialization, Finalization, Uses and other funny words!

Incremental searching - 05/04/99
How to add incremental search to your (database) application.

DELPHI vs. Others - 04/27/99
What is the BEST RAD tool for you! See how Delphi compares to other RAD (and to so RAD) environments.

Delphi and Active Forms - 04/20/99
Let's create an ActiveX Form that can be displayed and run from within Web browsers.

Statements/Properties/Variables - 04/13/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: The basic layout of a Pascal/Delphi program.

GExperts - 04/06/99
Review of this very useful collection of Delphi Experts.

Experts and Wizards - 03/30/99
How "magic" can extend and enhance the way we work with the Delphi IDE.

Errors and Exceptions - 03/23/99
How to handle errors and exceptions in Delphi.

Coloring DBGrid - 03/16/99
How to enhance the functionality of a TDBgrid component using colors.

Splash Screens - 03/09/99
How to add a splash screen to your Delphi application.

Twain and Delphi - 03/02/99
Acquire images from scanners, cameras and image capture devices using Delphi. See how to import (and wrap in a component) an image scan control within Delphi.

Database Form Wizard - 02/23/99
<i>Delphi For (database) Beginners</i>: Developing my own, first Delphi database application, using Database Form Wizard.

Working With Components - 02/09/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: An introduction to Delphi VCL and a simple application.

Getting Started with Delphi - 02/02/99
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: An overview of Delphi programming and a simple application.

ENTERing TAB - 01/26/99
Using the Enter key like a Tab key with Delphi controls.

Why Delphi? - 01/19/99
Your guide will try to explain exactly what is Delphi and what can it do for you.

Delphi and Registry - an introduction - 01/12/99
Some facts on using Delphi and Windows Registry database.

Base Conversions, and more - 01/05/99
Routines for converting Int to Bin, Int to Hex, Int to Roman and vice versa.

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