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2000. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2000


All of your favorite Delphi tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, VCL top picks, tool reviews, source code projects on Delphi Programming and a lot more, sorted by date.

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Delphi Programming Almanac 2000

Intro to the Delphi Programming Glossary - 12/26/2000
An introduction to the Delphi Programming Glossary, a cross-referenced collection of Object Pascal Programming definitions.

Searching for Delphi - 12/19/2000
Where and how to search for Delphi and Object Pascal programming related materials on the Net.

Decompiling Delphi - 12/12/2000
Whispering about reverse engineering Delphi applications: 'I have a Delphi program's .exe, can I decompile it and get the source?'

Holiday Gift Ideas for Delphi Coders - 12/05/2000
Everything you need to know about what every Delphi programmer desires, needs, wants ...

Your first MP3 Delphi player - 11/28/2000
See how to build a full-blown mp3 player with Delphi in just a few seconds. Even more: get the ID3 tag information from a mp3 file and change it!

Mysterious Delphi - 11/21/2000
Uncovering hidden Delphi features. See how to set up some secret registry settings that change the standard behavior of the Delphi IDE.

Delphi Size and Speed: Top Tricks - 11/14/2000
Useful tips to make your Delphi programs run faster.

Listening to the Clipboard - 11/07/2000
Extending the clipboard's flexibility and functionality from Delphi. Taking control over the Clipboard with custom formats. Coding Delphi to receive clipboard change notifications.

My IP with Delphi - 10/31/2000
How to obtain a computer's IP address by using the Socket API and Delphi's Pascal.

Coding for the World - 10/24/2000
Have you considered writing Delphi applications for the whole World? The Integrated Translation Environment is what you need to quickly internationalize or localize your applications for new languages and cultures.

Graphical Combos - 10/17/2000
Creating owner drawn Combo Boxes in Delphi. See how to code a graphical drop-down list - a combo box of colors; and a true true-type font picker.

Touch Me - I'm Untouchable - 10/10/2000
Intercepting keyboard input for controls that cannot receive the input focus. Working with keyboard hooks from Delphi.

Get Crazy - Draw Yourself - 10/03/2000
Owner Drawing - an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your Delphi application by changing the control's standard appearance. Creating a graphical (popup) menu.

Picture Motion - Double Buffering - 09/27/2000
Delphi Programming concepts of Double Buffering, technique that is used to prevent flicker when drawing onto the screen.

RTL Unleashed - 09/19/2000
Help yourself, increase your productivity and simplify coding using functions and procedures built into Delphi.

Books to Learn From - 09/12/2000
What should we look for when picking a Delphi book to learn from - recommended selection of the top books on Delphi Programming.

Keyboard Symphony - 09/05/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Get familiar with the OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, and onKeyPress event procedures to respond to various key actions or handle and process ASCII characters along with other special purpose keys.

Hey Windows, Call me! - 08/29/2000
Let Windows work for you: implementing function callbacks with Delphi.

Who Wants to be a Delphi Guru - The trivia game. - 08/22/2000
Ever wonder what 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' might look like if there were only Delphi programming questions? Take my quiz and find out how you would do...

Learn to Earn - 08/15/2000
Skills pay. If you have the right ones, you will get the career you want - superior job, more money, and mastery of what you do. See how to become a certified Delphi developer.

Files With NO Structure - 08/08/2000
Using Delphi's Pascal to manage operations on untyped files - direct access to disk files regardless of type and structuring.

My Own Database - 08/01/2000
Working with binary files from Delphi. Use Object Pascal to manage writing, reading and updating your own types of files.

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