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2000. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2000


About XML and Delphi - 07/25/2000
Everything you need to know about Delphi and the Extensible Markup Language. Find out about creating and parsing XML documents, look for parser components and more.

String Types in Delphi - 07/18/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Understanding and managing string data types in Delphi's Object Pascal. Learn about differences between Short, Long, Wide and null-terminated strings.

Traveling Label - 07/11/2000
Spice up your user interface with a marquee style text. Use marquee style text to display scrolling text that you want to catch your Delphi program users' attention.

Browse for Computers, Folders, Files and Printers - 07/04/2000
Use Delphi (and API) to display the directory structure of a computer and allow a user to select a folder without using the Common Dialog control. Plus: select a printer or network computer.

Records in Delphi - Part 1 - 06/27/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Learn about records, Delphi's data structure that can mix any of Delphi's built in types including any types you have created.

Are you Cool? - 06/20/2000
Make your application user interface cool with Delphi's TCoolBar component. It's like a toolbar, except that you can place *anything* you want on it.

Another Way to Drag a Window - 06/13/2000
No title bar! How can we drag such a window? It's easy and fun: let's make a Delphi form move by clicking (and dragging) in it's client area.

Birth, Life and Death of a Form - 06/06/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Examining the life cycle of a Form - the central element of development in Delphi. See what's happening behind events OnCreate, OnActivate, OnShow, OnClose...

TFindFile - Delphi Component - 05/23/2000
Tired of using FindFirst, Next and Close? Come see how to encapsulate all those functions in a single "find-files-recursively" component. It's easy to use, free and with code.

Searching for Files - 05/16/2000
Stop. This is the one and only solution to file searching. Use Delphi to find any file in any directory and/or subdirectory that match a certain mask. Start searching.

Routines in Delphi: Beyond the Basics - 05/09/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Extending Object Pascal's functions and procedures with default (optional) parameters and method overloading.

MDI Development in Delphi. Part II. - 05/02/2000
Creating a multiple document interface graphic file viewer.

MDI Development in Delphi. Part I. - 04/25/2000
Constructing "multiple document interface" application with Delphi. Examining MDI parent/child relationship, menus and some most important MDI parent form properties.

Arrays in Delphi - 04/18/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Understanding and using array data types in Delphi.

Dynamic Link Libraries and Delphi - 04/11/2000
Everything you ever wanted to know about DLLs and Delphi but didn't know where to look for answers (or were to afraid to ask).

Exploring Directories and Files - 04/04/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Creating custom file-selection and directory-navigation forms (dialogs) with file system components.

Filename Extensions in Delphi - 03/28/2000
List of the file extensions created (and used) by Delphi and what they all mean.

Understanding Delphi Project File - 03/21/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners</i>: Understanding and managing the Project file (dpr).

Resize me Gently - 03/07/2000
What to keep in mind when scaling Delphi applications (forms) on different screen resolutions.

TPictureClip - 02/29/2000
Use TPictureClip custom component to extract portions of a matrix of pictures and assign the "cell picture" to another picture control.

Let's talk about the Sender - 02/15/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> So, what is that Sender, Delphianers are talking about, anyway?

Message in the Bottle - 02/08/2000
Handling Windows Messages the Delphi way!

Auto completing Dates - 02/01/2000
Date manipulation: improve your code, let them type faster.

Ordinal and Enumerated Data Types in Delphi - 01/25/2000
<i>Delphi For Beginners:</i> Extend Delphi's built-in types by constructing your own types.

System Menu Handling - 01/18/2000
Add, delete and change system menu items from Delphi.

Get and Set Display Device Modes - 01/11/2000
Changing the display mode settings (resolution and color depth) from Delphi code.

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