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2002. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2002


Delphi for .NET - 02/19/2002
As Borland unveils product strategy for Microsoft's NET platform, a Delphi developer should find out what .NET is and what the future of Delphi will be. Plus: Aram Janigian's opinion about the status of Delphi, Java and .NET.

TOP ADO programming TIPS - DB/25 - 02/12/2002
Chapter twenty five of the free Delphi Database Course for beginners. Collection of frequently asked questions, answers, tips and tricks about ADO programming.

The fastest path to Delphi localization - 02/05/2002
How to change the captions on [Yes], [No], [Cancel] and similar buttons that appear on dialog and message boxes in Delphi applications. Plus how to personalize error, warning and other messages in those dialogs.

Delphi ADO/DB programming: Real Problems - Real Solutions - DB/24 - 01/29/2002
Chapter twenty four of the free Delphi Database Course for beginners. In real world situations, really doing database programming is much more complex than writing about. This chapter points to some great Delphi Programming Forum threads initiated by this Course - discussions that solve problems on the field.

Transparency in Delphi 6 - 01/22/2002
How to create a transparent form with Delphi 6 - allowing windows behind the form to completely show through.

Deploying Delphi ADO database applications - DB/23 - 01/15/2002
Chapter twenty three of the free Delphi Database Course for beginners. It is time to make your Delphi ADO database application available for others to run. Once you have created a Delphi ADO based solution, the final step is to successfully deploy it to the user's computer.

TASPObject - Continued - 01/08/2002
Discussing a complete web architecture using the TASPObject object. In this article, we are going to examine a skeletal structure for building a website that is extremely scalable.

Transactions in Delphi ADO database development - DB/22 - 01/02/2002
Chapter twenty two of the free Delphi Database Course for beginners. How many times have you wanted to insert, delete or update a lot of records collectively wanting that either all of them get executed or if there is an error then none is executed at all? This article will show you how to post or undo a series of changes made to the source data in a single call.

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