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2003. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2003


Reading and manipulating XML files (RSS feeds) with Delphi - 07/29/2003
Learn how to read and manipulate XML documents with Delphi using the TXMLDocument component. Let's see how to extract the most current "In The Spotlight" blog entries from the About Delphi Programming (this site).

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
Professional Looking Grids with Custom Drawing
- 07/22/2003
Using custom drawing to make your grids look as nice as the expensive third party suites. Three main topics are presented: how to fix-up the column headers, how to add clickable buttons and checkboxes inside cells and how to simulate merged cells.

Communicating Between Forms - 07/15/2003
A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming: Chapter 15. In "Making Forms Work - a Primer" we looked at simple SDI forms and considered some good reasons for not letting your program auto-create forms. This instalment builds on that to demonstrate techniques available when closing modal forms and how one form can retrieve user input or other data from a secondary form.

Records in Delphi - Part 2 - 07/08/2003
A record data structure can mix any of Delphi's built in types including any types you have created. Why and when to use variant records, plus creating an array of records.

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
- 07/06/2003
TNumEdit is a component, just like TEdit, but it only accepts numerical input. You can adjust whether to accept positive or negative numbers or integer or decimals. You can also limit the input by using MinValue and/or MaxValue. Full source code.

Making Forms Work - a Primer - 07/02/2003
A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming: Chapter 14. In just about every Delphi application, we use forms to present and retrieve information from users. Delphi arms us with a rich array of visual tools for creating forms and determining their properties and behavior. We can set them up at design time using the property editors and we can write code to re-set them dynamically at runtime.

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
- 07/01/2003
When using Delphi to develop engineering applications, you'll often find that the mathematics support in the development environment is not enough. TComplexMath unit is a way out! Full source code.

Locate, Display and Execute Control Panel Applets - 06/24/2003
Interested in Delphi code to mimic the Windows Control Panel folder behavior? In this article you can learn how to find CPL files, how to extract description, name and even the applet icon. Even more, learn how to execute applets from your applications.

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
- 06/20/2003
TXDateTime is a class designed to handle different formats of date and time used by Windows and Delphi. Full source code.

Restrict Internet access - 06/17/2003
Here's how to close an instance of Internet Explorer, if you find the current URL "inappropriate" (after retrieving the full URL of all opened Internet Explorer windows) - using only Delphi code!

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
- 06/15/2003
TNetDrive is a non-visual component that connects a network path to a drive name. Full source code.

Free Source VCL Sets! - 06/10/2003
Looking for a free source multi-purpose Delphi component collection to add more power to your applications? Look no more, here's a list of the best Delphi component (free with source) sets on the Net!

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
A TreeView of Data
- 06/06/2003
How to display a dataset of records from a table/query in a treeview component.

Get current URL from IE - 06/03/2003
Here's how to retrieve the full URL of all opened Internet Explorer instances.

Delphi Programming Quickies Contest - 05/27/2003
Yet another chance to be rewarded for your knowledge by About Delphi Programming! Do you have some Delphi code you want to share? Are you interested in winning a prize for your work?

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
Adding Regular Expression Filename Filtering to ShellListView
- 05/25/2003
How to add regular expression (filename) filtering to the Delphi file explorer application.

Delphi Quickies Contest Entry:
Shell Controls: Delphi's Hidden Gems
- 05/24/2003
How to create a reasonable Delphi facsimile of the Windows explorer, all without writing a single line of code.

Monitoring Registry Changes - 05/20/2003
Need to get notified about changes to the attributes or contents of a specified Registry key. Part 4 of your "Big Brother" Delphi code toolkit.

Code Completion in Delphi - 05/12/2003
A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Programming: Chapter 13. It's time to learn how to let Delphi help you code faster: start using code templates, code insight, code completion, shortcut keys, ...

Moving the contents of a ScrollBox with mouse (like drag - drop) - 05/06/2003
How to move a TImage object in a ScrollBox with the mouse, like a Drag and Drop operation - without the scroll bars.

Get TreeView Node By Text - Part 2 - 04/29/2003
How to locate (search and select) a TreeView node given by the parent node and the searched node text.

Sorting records in Delphi DBGrid by Clicking on Column Title - 04/22/2003
How to sort records in Delphi DbGrid by clicking on the column title. Plus: how to change the appearance of the selected column title to reflect the sort order. Even more: how to change the cursor when moving over the DBGrid column titles. A Beginner's Guide to Delphi Database Programming: Appendix C.

Your future: Delphi 8 Octane - 04/17/2003
Interested in the next release of your favorite RAD tool?

Registering DLL and ActiveX controls from code - 04/08/2003
How to register (and unregister) OLE controls such as dynamic-link library (DLL) or ActiveX Controls (OCX) files from a Delphi application.

Running Flash animations with Delphi - 04/01/2003
How to display Macromedia Flash animations (swf) inside a Delphi application. Grasp the fundamentals of integrating Macromedia Flash animations and Delphi.

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