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2006. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2006


All of your favorite Delphi tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, VCL top picks, tool reviews, source code projects on Delphi Programming and a lot more, sorted by date.

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Delphi Programming Almanac 2006

Programmatically Select a File in Windows Explorer from Delphi code - 12/25/2006
In order to select a file in Windows Explorer you need to launch an instance of the "explorer.exe" using the ShellExecute method, and provide it a special command line parameter.

Flavors of Delphi: BDS 2006, Delphi 2006, Turbo Delphi. What's the difference? - 12/19/2006
Interested in becoming a programmer? Want to learn Delphi? Already a Delphi developer, wanting to try the latest version? Confused about various Delphi version? This article helps you understand the flavors of Delphi and helps you pick your Delphi of choice.

Register a File Command for a Windows Shell Menu from Delphi code - 12/18/2006
Sometimes, you will need to add (register) a custom command for a known file type. For example, you may want an option to open PAS files (Delphi units) with Notepad.

Patterns for Varying Class Behavior - Delphi OOP Chapter 24 - 12/12/2006
This chapter discusses techniques that make variations in a method's behaviour possible at run time, even after compilation, either through the use of inheritance structures or through delegation.

How to Select a "Bar" in the TChart Delphi control - 12/11/2006
Here's a method of simulating a selection in the TChart Delphi control. When a user clicks on a bar of a chart, the respective bar changes its color.

A Tour of Turbo Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - 12/05/2006
The Turbo Delphi IDE comprises several tools and menus and, in general, helps you visually design user interfaces, set object properties, write code, and view and manage your application in various ways.

Troubleshooting the "Left Side Cannot Be Assigned To" Compile Time Delphi Error - 12/04/2006
According to the "Proper using of a Record Field/Property in a Class" poll, only 20 % of Delphi developers know what usage of a Record Delphi type as a Property in a Class declaration will produce a compile time error while trying to assign a value to a record's field.

How I (Almost) Ended Up Using Goto in Delphi code - 11/28/2006
The reason I asked you about the Goto statement: just a few days I go I have used "Goto" for the first time in my 10 of Delphi programming experience! I was amazed, I simply was not able to "skip" the Goto, without making the code ever harder to read.

Understanding and (Not) Using the Goto Delphi Statement - 11/27/2006
Read this again! Goto does not "ask questions", it simply forces a jump to some other location in the code block. When badly used Goto could transform your code into a non-readable piece of junk.

Turbo Delphi Tutorial: For Novices and Non-Programmers - 11/21/2006
We start this tutorial by locating the FREE version of Delphi: Turbo Delphi Explorer. Find out where you can download Turbo Delphi, what needs to installed and how to install it...

Advanced Record Structure Type in Turbo Delphi and Delphi 2006 - 11/20/2006
Records in Turbo Delphi (Delphi 2006) are even more powerful! How about having a record constructor where you can initialize record field values? How about having properties in records? Cool, ha :)

Allow Only One Application Execution per Windows Session - 11/13/2006
While there are ways to protect a Delphi application from misusage, there are situation when you want to have the weirdest protection available, but simple to implement.

Book Review: .NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers - 11/05/2006
Oh boy was I amazed to read the title of this book by Jon Shemitz: ".Net 2.0 for Delphi programmers"! What confused me is the title of the book: ".NET 2.0 for Delphi programmers" - is Jon to talk about all the new language enhancements to be included in Delphi like generics, partial classes and nullable types? Will I also see some code examples of (still not available to the public) generics in Delphi?

How to Declare and Initialize Constant Arrays in Delphi - 10/30/2006
Sometimes, you need to declare a constant array - a read-only array. You cannot change the value of a constant or a read-only variable. Therefore, while declaring a constant array you have to initialize it.

Enumerating and Playing System Sounds from Delphi code - 10/23/2006
To play a system sound ("application even" or "system even" as called by MS), you can call the PlaySound API function, available in the mmsystem unit.

Reset the TWebBrowser Delphi control to an Empty (Blank) Page - 10/16/2006
If, for whatever the reason is, you have to clear the web browser window, "reset" it, and display an empty page, you need to navigate to a "blank" page. The tips shows you how...

How to Filter Files and Folders Displayed by the TShellTreeView - 10/09/2006
The TShellTreeView Delphi component displays a hierarchical tree view of the system's shell folders. The ObjectTypes property of the ShellTreeView allows for non-folders (files) to be also displayed by the Shell Tree View. To filter the shell tree view display, handle the AddFolder event, here's how...

How to Create the "!DocType" and "?XML" Elements using TXmlDocument - 10/02/2006
Unfortunately, Delphi's implementation of the TXMLDocument component, which basically uses Microsoft XML parser by default, does not provide a way to add a node of the "ntDocType" (TNodeType type). Here's a neat trick to add !DocType and ?XML to the TXmlDocument...

Delphi KNowledge ORGanizer - 09/27/2006
Knorg (KNowledge ORGanizer) by Mono-Software is a stand alone knowledge management / document management tool.

How to Draw Custom Text on a Form's Caption Bar - 09/25/2006
If you want to add some custom text on the caption bar of a form, without changing the Caption property of the form you need to handle one special Windows message: WM_NCPAINT. Here's how...

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