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2006. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2006


Enumerate Web Browser Windows and Retrieve Document Info (Url, Htm, Node) - 02/07/2006
A sample Delphi project to get the list of all opened Web Browser instances. Find out how to extract the URL, document HTML, document text and all the tags with their attributes. Full source code included.

Detect a TPopupMenu's OnClose (OnPopDown) Event - 02/06/2006
The TPopupMenu does not expose an event you can handle that will fire when the menu gets closed - either after a user has selected an item from the menu or has activated some other UI element. Here's a fix to this behavior.

Convert Numbers (Currency) to Words - 01/31/2006
A sample project to convert (depending on the real type used) positive and negative real values up to 1.00E18 to the English words. The return value can represent either currency or numerals. For example 1234.567 will be returned as either "one thousand, two hundred and thirty four dollars and fifty six cents". Full Delphi source code included.

Remove the "Today" Mark from the TDateTimePicker - 01/30/2006
The TDateTimePicker component displays a list box for entering dates or times. By design it displays the label "today" at the bottom of the control allowing a user to quickly select the today's date. Here's how to remove the "today" marker from the TDateTimePicker.

Clone a Delphi Form - 01/23/2006
Besides instantiating Delphi Forms dynamically, you can decide to create a *clone* of an existing form - by using the TMemoryStream's ReadComponent and WriteComponent methods.

Get the Url of a Hyperlink when the Mouse moves Over a TWebBrowser Document - 01/17/2006
A typical Web Browser displays, in the status bar, the URL of the hyperlink when the mouse hovers over a link in a HTML document. Here's how to implement event sinking for a document displayed by the TWebBrowser component - and get the info of a HTML element below the mouse.

Change the Colors of the TProgressBar - 01/16/2006
By design, the colors of a progress bar are determined by Windows. Here's how to change the background color and the bar color of a TProgressBar Delphi component, at run-time.

Hook the Mouse to Catch Events Outside of your application - 01/10/2006
Learn how to track the mouse activity even when your application is not active, sits in the Tray or does not have any UI at all. By installing a system wide (or global) mouse hook you can track what the user is doing with the mouse and act accordingly.

Right Align a Menu Item - 01/09/2006
How to align a form's Help menu item (for example) on the right side of the menu bar.

Creating Custom Code Templates in Delphi 2006 - 01/02/2006
Here's how to create a custom code template, in Delphi 2006, to open an URL in your default browser.

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