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2007. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2007


Capturing a Screen Shot of a TWebBrowser Content (Web Page) in Delphi - June 19, 2007
You might need to programmatically grab the screen shot of the current page loaded in the web browser control. A custom Delphi function WebBrowserScreenShot will capture ...

Set the Checked property of a TCheckBox Delphi control Without raising the OnClick Event -
TCheckBox Delphi control displays a check box that can be on (checked) or off (unchecked). The Checked property specifies whether the check box is...

SharpE - Open Source Delphi Windows Shell Replacement - June 12, 2007
SharpDesk's powerful shell replacement makes crafting a luxurious desktop a delight. Every pixel of visible space can be personalized, and the export feature makes it ...

Programmatically Convert RGB Color to CMYK -
The CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black - Key Plate) model, refers to the 4 ink colors used by the printing press. C is cyan (blue-green), M...

Understanding Delphi SET Types -
One of the Delphi language features not found in other modern languages is the notion of sets. Delphi's set type is a collection of values of ...

An Invalid Hard-Cast is NIL in Delphi for .NET -
In Delphi you can (type) cast an object to a different class using either a hard-cast: TObject(Sender).Name or an as-cast (soft-cast): (Sender as Object).Name. Since .NET...

Multithreaded Delphi Database Queries with dbGo (ADO) - May 29, 2007
To speed up data processing, for example, fetching data from the database to create reports, you can add an additional thread to fetch and operate on...

TObject(Sender) vs. (Sender as TObject) - Differences Between a Hard Cast and an AS Cast in Delphi - May 28, 2007
In Delphi the AS keyword is used for casting an object (or interface) of one type to another. When several controls share an event handling ...

Cobian Backup (Free/Open Source Delphi Application) - May 22, 2007
Cobian Backup is a multi-threaded program that can be used to schedule and backup your files and directories from their original location to other directories/drives...

Delete Multiple Selected Items in a TListBox Delphi Control - May 21, 2007
The TListBox Delphi control displays collection of strings in a scrollable list. By setting the MultiSelect property to true, the user can select more than one...

Fade In / Out an About Box or any Modal Delphi Form - May 15, 2007
To create a nice effect for the user, you might want to decide the modal form to fade in - appear gradually from a completely transparent...

Implement the On Item Checked Event for TListView - May 14, 2007
The TListView Delphi control displays a list of items in a fashion similar to how Windows Explorer displays files and folders. Unfortunately, the TListView does...

A First Look at Delphi 2007 for Win32 - May 8, 2007
Delphi 2007 for Win32 from CodeGear revitalizes Win32 development by combining Delphi's proven visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach for accelerated Win32 development with support ...

How to Parse TAB Delimited Files in Delphi - May 7, 2007
TAB delimited text (ASCII) files contain lines of code with each chunk (column) of data (string) separated by the TAB character. Most database and spreadsheet programs...

Convert RGB to TColor or How to Get More TColor values for Delphi - 04/30/2007
TColor type is used to specify the color of an object. It is used by the Color property of many components and by a number of other properties that specify color values.

Implementing MultiCast Events for Win32 Delphi's TDataset and TField descendants - 04/24/2007
The "TMultiDsEvent" class enables you to add multicast event handlers feature TDataSet and TField descendants.

IsDirectoryEmpty - Delphi function to Determine if a Directory is Empty (no files, no sub-folders) - 04/23/2007
Delphi does not provide any "ready made" RTL function to test if a given directory (folder) is empty, i.e. contains no files or sub-folders.

Factory Patterns - Delphi OOP Part 13 - Chapter 26 - 04/17/2007
This chapter explores the Factory patterns, which, instead of changing an object's behaviour, provide ways of creating different objects to suit run time requirements.

How to Override Delphi Form's Restore Operation? - 04/16/2007
The WM_SYSCOMAND can be used to trap the restore window operation. When the form is maximized the "Maximize" button changes its look and operation. Clicking the restore button restores the window to its previous (normal, before it was maximized) position and size. By overriding (changing) the default "restore" action, you can for example, create a Delphi form that can be only mimimized or maximized.

How to Declare a Constant Record in Delphi - 04/09/2007
Record data types in Delphi represent a mixed set of elements. Each element is called a field; the declaration of a record type specifies a name and type for each field.

Implementing "Cancel All Edits" for a Configuration-type Form in Delphi - 04/03/2007
Configuration forms often have a cancel button used to revert any edits to the edit controls back to original (initial) values. Here's how to implement such a mechanism in Delphi applications.

How to Store a String value to a Tag Property of a Delphi control - 04/02/2007
Every Delphi component exposes the Tag property which can be used to store an integer value as part of a component. You might want to store a string value in the tag property of a control (TEdit, TButton, etc.) to let every control cary an additional string value.

Displaying XML (RSS Feed) Data in a TreeView Delphi control - 03/26/2007
RSS feeds are XML formatted documents used to present digital content. RSS typically list items, such as articles or blogs posts. Here's how to create a simple RSS feed reader by transforming the XML into a tree view.

How to Hide the Tabs of the TPageControl Delphi control - 03/26/2007
If you need to create a wizard-like user interface where you have "Next" and "Previous" buttons "moving" a user forward and backward through a set of pages (dialogs), you might want to hide the tabs of the PageControl and thus disallow selecting a particular page by the mouse.

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