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2007. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2007


Rearrange Multiple TListView Items using Drag and Drop - 03/20/2007
Using Delphi's drag and drop operations it is easy to implement rearranging multiple items in a TListView control.

Programmatically Detect the MyDocuments Folder for the Current Windows User - 03/19/2007
If your Delphi program creates application specific documents you want to be stored in the "MyDocuments" folder for the currently logged Windows user, you need to programmatically determine the path to the "MyDocuments" folder.

Save (/Load) all the Images from a TImageList to a Single File - 03/12/2007
If you want to reuse images from a the TImageList control, you can populate the TImageList with images, store all the images in a single resource-like file, then reuse at run time, by dynamically restoring the TImageList control from the saved file.

Incremental Search for the TListBox Delphi Control - 03/06/2007
Imagine a list box with a huge number of (unsorted) items. Finding the one user wants to select might turn into a nightmare. Let's provide the user with an option to immediately locate the item in the list box by adding incremental search functionality.

Delphi Popup Menu With Different Item Heights (and Custom Graphics) - 03/05/2007
If you need to have different heights for some of the menu items, in Delphi applications, you must turn to owner drawing. Here's how to draw a custom sized image for a popup menu item.

Display a Password Dialog when Restoring a Delphi Application from the TaskBar - 02/27/2007
Suppose you have a data-critical type of application where you would not want a non-authored user to work with the data. What if you need to display a password dialog *before* the application is restored to make sure an authorized user is accessing it? Here's how to do it in Delphi.

How to Hide / Show the Main Menu of a Delphi Application - 02/26/2007
The TMainMenu Delphi component does not expose the Visible property to let you show or hide the menu for a form programmatically, does it? It does not, but there is a way to hide the main menu for a Delphi form at run time. Here's how...

Display a LogIn Dialog Before the Main Form of a Delphi Application is Created - 02/20/2007
If you need to implement some kind of authorization for your Delphi application you might want to display a login / password dialog *before* the main form is created and displayed to the user.

How to Implement the OnCreate event for a Delphi TFrame object - 02/19/2007
A frame, like a form, is a container for other components. Frames can be nested within forms or other frames, and they can be saved on the Component palette for easy reuse.

Apply Custom Transparent Color for the TImage Delphi Control - 02/12/2007
If you do not want the color of the bottom-left pixel to specify which image color should be "transparent" - you can set the TransparentColor property programmatically.

Bidirectional links, Callbacks and Linking Classes : Delphi OOP Chapter 25 - 02/06/2007
Nearly all the communication between objects covered so far has been unidirectional, from an initiator to a recipient. This leaves the recipient with no possibility of using its own initiative to solicit any information it may need from the initiator, a problem we address in this chapter.

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