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Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2007


Display Custom Hints for TListView Sub Items - 02/05/2007
In most situations, when using the list view, you will need custom hints to be displayed for every list view item. What's more, a custom hint for every list view sub item might be required.

Pre and Post-Build Automation in Delphi - 01/30/2007
This article describes a simple way to extend the BDS IDE so that Pre-Build and Post-Build tasks can be automated without a single line of code.

Create Collapsible Code Blocks in Delphi Code Editor using the {$REGION} directive - 01/29/2007
In Delphi 2006 (both Win32 and .Net) you can apply a special {$REGION 'Region Name'} directive to mark a "named" collapsible regions in the code editor. To mark code as a region, surround it with the REGION and ENDREGION directives. You may include a caption that will be displayed when the code is folded and hidden.

Drawing on a TStatusBar's Panel Delphi control: Styling a Panel with Background Color, Font Color, Graphics - 01/23/2007
To have a more eye-caching user friendly interface you might want to decide to add graphics, change the color and the font style of a StatusBar Panel. Delphi's owner drawing technique let's you do that. Learn how...

Use an Icon for a Glyph on a TBitBtn Delphi control with the help of TImageList - 01/22/2007
The TBitBtn Delphi control is a button control that can include a bitmap on its face. The Glyph property specifies the bitmap that appears on the bitmap button. By design, the Glyph property can only display BMP (Windows Bitmap) images.

Implementing the OnClick event for a Panel on a TStatusBar Delphi control - 01/16/2007
Delphi's TStatusBar control displays a row of panels, usually aligned at the bottom of a form. The Panels property of the TStatusBar control is a collection of TStatusPanel objects. The TStatusBar exposes the OnClick event that gets fired when the user clicks the control.

Understanding ScreenToClient and ClientToScreen Delphi methods - 01/15/2007
Every Delphi control, descendant of the TControl class, exposes two methods you can use to convert point coordinates: ScreenToClient and ClientToScreen.

What to do in 2007, if you are a Delphi developer! - 01/09/2007
A CodeGear Delphi Developer's New Year's Resolutions for 2007. To help you prepare for the whole new year, here are some ideas to help you decide on the Delphi programming related topics you might want to learn / explore about.

Displaying the Percentage Character in Delphi's Format function - 01/08/2007
Delphi's Format (declared in the SysUtils unit) function can be used to construct a formatted string assembled from a format string and an array of arguments. Here's how to make it display a "stand-alone" percentage character.

Programming Atlas - Book Review - 01/01/2007
Programming Atlas, a great book about great technology. If you try to look for resources about MS Atlas you'll find a great deal of them but nothing is straight forward and easy for learning.

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