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Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2008


Where to Locate the Missing TServerSocket and TClientSocket Delphi components - July 14, 2008
If you have installed a newer Delphi version and you have a legacy application using the TServerSocket and TClientSocket components - you would face a problem! Delphi socket components are no longer installed into the component palette by design - therefore you will not be able to compile your project.

Review: madExcept - Delphi Crash / Exception Handling with Bug Reporting - July 8, 2008
madExcept was built to help you locating crashes in your Delphi application. Whenever there's a crash/exception in your program, madExcept will automatically catch it, analyze it, collect lots of useful information, and give the end user the possibility to send you a full bug report.

Set TRichEdit Print Margins Programmatically - July 7, 2008
Rich Edit provides a simple Print method allowing you to programmatically print the (formatted) contents of the rich edit to the active printer - with a single line of code. Unfortunately, there's no exposed functionality to set printer margins as you are accustomed to in various word processing applications.

Dodge Game - FDA(C) Entry #36 - July 1, 2008
Here's another simple yet addictive game written in Delphi. Dodge game has a simple rule: collect the blue squares, avoid the red circles (dots).

Hide a Delphi 2007 Application Button from the TaskBar (with MainFormOnTaskBar) - June 30, 2008
With Delphi 2007, a new property of the Application object, the MainFormOnTaskbar property controls how Windows taskbar buttons are handled by VCL. The code using SetWindowLong to change the application's window style parameters no longer works.

Pong Game - FDA(C) Entry #35 - June 24, 2008
Pong game is based on the sport of table tennis (or "ping pong"), and named after the sound generated by the circuitry when the ball is hit.

Calculating the Zodiac Sign from the Birth Date - June 23, 2008
In astrology *myths*, zodiac is a belt of twelve constellations (sun, moon, and major planets) through which the Sun's path in the sky, the ecliptic, passes. The word zodiac comes from the Greek 'zodiakos,' literally meaning 'circle of animals.'

Take-A-Break Installer - FDA(C) Entry #34 - June 17, 2008
Working hard? Need a break? Why not run a fake installer and "wait" until it gets finished! Or even better, create your own bogus install routine that looks like a real one - and have your computer busy.

Windows Title Bar Changer - FDA(C) Entry #33 - June 16, 2008
Noticed how every application in Windows has a main window (form) and how forms have title bars where you see the name of the window? Wouldn't it be fun the be able to change those captions when you do not like 'em?

Win Mend / Patch - FDA(C) Entry #32 - June 10, 2008
A Win Mend/Patch is a window that attaches itself over another window to create a soft hook - it can overlap any window's part, hiding undesired info - like a, hm, patch.

File Encrypt / Decrypt - FDA(C) Entry #31 - June 3, 2008
Encryption is the process of converting a file into a format that cannot be read by the applications set up to open the file. To remove the encryption you decrypt. Looking for an easy way to encrypt and protect your data?

Left Align / Justify Caption of a TSpeedButton - June 2, 2008
What you might start looking for is the "Caption Layout" property to let you set the alignment of the button caption. Sadly, you'll find no such property :( Or, would you?

DropBox - Quick File Copy - FDA(C) Entry #30 - May 30, 2008
Do you find yourself constantly copying files to only a few folders / network directories? Need a tool to help you simply drag and drop files to a place configured to take the file to a predefined "named" location?

Handling Global Application Object Events in Delphi - May 26, 2008
Each event of the TApplicationEvents object is the same as the event with the same name on the Application object - all are visible in the ObjectInspector. Sometimes, not all :(

Speed Dial for Internet - FDA(C) Entry #29 - May 20, 2008
How about having an application to mimic Opera's Speed Dial - and launch your favorite web sites with a single mouse click?

Dim Out the Main Form of an Application When Modal Form is Displayed - May 19, 2008
To emphasize the importance of a modal form and the information it presents, you could gray out the main form of the application when the modal form is activated.

Alternate DBGrid Row Color - May 13, 2008
You've seen this surely on web pages. Alternating table row colors means displaying the first record in one color and the second record in another color and continue to alternate the color of each row displayed. When working with datasets with many rows, alternating the background color of each row can increase readability.

How to Refresh a DBGrid without Losing the Current Row Position - May 12, 2008
If you have been asking "Is there any way to reopen or refresh a query, leaving the TDBGrid data exactly where it is (without changing the positions)?" Here's one answer to the problem...

Bingo Game - FDA(C) Entry #28 - May 6, 2008
In "real life", Bingo is played in halls. Bingo rules and play variations vary from place to place. Are you a passionate player? Love Bingo? Wnat to play and practice for free (and learn how to code Bingo)?

Select Which Panel Displays AutoHint in Delphi's TStatusBar - May 5, 2008
If you want the current hint to be displayed in some other panel, as needed per your application design (something else displayed in the first panel) you might want to display auto hints in a selected panel of a status bar.

Metric Converter - FDA(C) Entry #27
1 Feet is how much Centimeters or Inches? Do you know that 1 pound is 16 ounces? You certainly know that 1 GB is 1073741824 bytes ;) How many times have you found yourself trying to convert one value to other? Too many! But not any more!

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