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2008. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2008


Pixelated Gravity - FDA(C) Entry #14 - February 12, 2008
If smaller objects are pixels and a bigger object is your mouse pointer - when you move the mouse the pixels should follow :) Wanna see how that would look coded in Delphi?

Torus Drawing - FDA(C) Entry #13 - February 11, 2008
A torus, in geometry, is a surface having genus one possessing a single "hole". Torus is generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space. Want to see how torus looks like? Want to learn how to animate it using Delphi code?

Wii Launcher - FDA(C) Entry #12 - February 7, 2008
Ah the boring Windows [insert your version] shell! Looking for a fresh looking application, file, web site launcher for you? The one that looks and feels like Nintendo Wii?

Star Wars Screen Saver - FDA(C) Entry #11 - February 5, 2008
Looking for your own personalized Star Wars Screen saver - maybe the one written in Delphi? "It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed,.."

AI Neural Network - FDA(C) Entry #10 - February 4, 2008
An artificial neural network, or a neural network (NN), is a computational model based on biological neural networks. It consists of an interconnected group of artificial neurons and processes information using a connectionist approach to computation.

SFX Notepad - FDA(C) Entry #9 - February 1, 2008
Ah that boring Notepad! If typing ascii codes could be any more fun ... I would stop using IDE to code PAS files ;^) Ha! SFX Notepad: while you typing into it you see characters flying into their place with a nice drop down effect.

MAC Spoof - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #8 - January 31, 2008
Need to change the MAC adress of a network card? Here's a handly little tool that allows spoofing - changing the MAC address on your network card. Mac Spoof will reset the NIC when done to prevent requiring the user to reboot.

Application Launcher - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #7 - January 29, 2008
Application Launcher provides instant access to all your applications! Easily create a group of programs to be executed when needed.

Critters Evolve! - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #6 - January 28, 2008
Evolution is all about change, to understand evolution you need to see it in action - let's see if Darvin was wrong?! This application is a visualization of evolution of string critters.

Barstool Philosopher - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #5 - January 27, 2008
This "program" (?!?) might be a little odd and take some explaining. Basically it's an application that resides in the system tray. When you click it, it shows/hides the main form. The main form is a little drunk man, who generates random "drunk philosophy" using Markov chains. Hide him, then show him again, and he'll have something new to say!

Mouse Eyes - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #4 - January 25, 2008
Argh! Where's my mouse? Ah look at the eyes .... there it is! ;)) Mouse Eyes is another mouse cursor follower. Mouse eyes idea is indicating which direction to look in to find your mouse cursor.

Random Colors Piano Bar - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #3 - January 24, 2008
The piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard that produces sound by striking steel strings with felt hammers.

8 Queen's on a ChessBoard - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #2 - January 22, 2008
In chess, a queen can move as far as she pleases, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. A chess board has 8 rows and 8 columns. The standard 8 by 8 Queen's problem asks how to place 8 queens on an ordinary chess board so that none of them can hit any other in one move.

Morse Box - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #1 - January 21, 2008
Morse code is a method of coding messages into long and short beeps, often transmitted using continuous wave.

TreeView Items - Dynamic Context (Popup) Menus in Delphi - January 21, 2008
The PopupMenu property, every Delphi control publishes, identifies the pop-up menu associated with the control. When the user selects the control and clicks the right mouse button the pop-up menu (an instance of the TPopupMenu control) will popup. For those Delphi controls that display "items" - as tree views and list views you might want to have different popup menus for each item.

Delphi Code Contests - January 18, 2008
If you are like me, you like experimenting - creating pieces of Delphi code just to learn something new and create something interesting. If nothing else, to amaze your coworkers / family / yourself. Here's a Delphi contest for you: create a fancy Delphi application or just a piece of Delphi code! For Fame and Glory.

Impementing UnQuickSort in Delphi - How to Use the TListSortCompare function - January 14, 2008
In the How to Randomize / Shuffle Collections and Lists article you can locate a custom Delphi function: Shuffle. Shuffle is a randomizing function that takes a TList type of object and "sorts" the items in the list in a random order - thus making the list randomized. This time we talk about using Delphi's TListSortCompare - a function used as a parameter for the Sort method of the TList class.

How to Randomize / Shuffle Collections and Lists - January 8, 2008
The second law of thermodynamics, in short version and when read by a programmer, states that "any collection of objects tends not to be sorted". Have you ever asked yourself: why there is no "UnQuickSort" method? Here's how to randomize elements of a list or collection in Delphi.

What is "var Form1:TForm1" in Delphi Form's Unit Interface section? - January 7, 2008
When you add a new form to a Delphi project, a form and its associated unit is included in the application. There's a global variable "Form1" in the interface section - what is it used for?

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