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2009. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2009


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Delphi Programming Almanac 2009

Format XML Data using Delphi - Properly Indent TXMLDocument XML Tags Without doNodeAutoIndent - December 22, 2009
When using the TXMLDocument to create XML documents you might receive a nasty EOleException: This operation can not be performed with a Node of type PCDATA.

No Access Violation For Me - Return a Property Value From a Nil Delphi Object - December 15, 2009
Here's how to have an object return simple values even when it has not been assigned.

Preserve Code Folding When Reopening a Delphi Project - December 8, 2009
By default, when you close and reopen your project the code that you collapsed would appear expanded - your code folding preferences are not saved. Here's how to "fix" this.

Rename a Directory / Folder Using Delphi Code - December 1, 2009
The RTL's RenameFile changes the name of a specified file. it can rename folders also, here's how.

Change the Default Application Icon for a Console Mode Delphi Application - November 24, 2009
For a normal GUI application you can change the application icon. Here's how to do the same for console apps.

My Interview for The Podcast at Delphi.org Hosted by Jim McKeeth - November 23, 2009
I have been contacted by Jim McKeeth of the Delphi Podcast at Delphi.org for an interview on my Delphi programming related work.

Implementing the OnBeforeCreate and OnAfterCreate Events for Delphi Forms - November 17, 2009
What if you need to put some common code in the TBaseForm implementation that needs to be executed when all the code in the OnCreate event handlers is executed?

Count MDI Children By Their Class Name in Delphi MDI Applications - November 16, 2009
I have two types of MDI Child forms in my application. How might I go about counting each one? One is TFrmStatus the Other is FrmChannel. How do I know how many TFrmStatus children are alive?

Delphi / RAD Studio 2010 Launch in Zagreb, Croatia. Recap. - November 9, 2009
a breakdown of the event with Mr Mark Barringer and Mr. Pawel Glowacki.

GT Delphi Components – Freeware Components With Full Source Code - November 3, 2009
GT Component Pack is a freeware set of visual and non-visual components distributed will full source code.

TQPDF - Delphi Wrapper for the Open Source QPDF.DLL a PDF-2-PDF Tool - November 2, 2009
QPDF is capable of creating linearized (also known as web-optimized) files and encrypted files.

Validate an XML Against a DTD using TXMLDocument and Delphi - October 27, 2009
Here's how to programmatically validate an XML against a DTD using TXMLDocument and Delphi.

Thank You Community For The "Delphi Legends 2009 SILVER Award" - October 26, 2009
I've been awarded with a Silver Delphi Helmet - Delphi Legends 2009 Community Award! A big thanks to all who voted.

Delphi Challenge: Create an Algorithm To Un-Camel-Case a CamelCase String - October 19, 2009
UnCamelCaseThis -> Un Camel Case This

Delphi MDI Applications Tips and Tricks - October 6, 2009
To help you start creating MDI application with Delphi, or to empower your existing MDI solutions, I've collected a few tips and tricks every Delphi MDI developer should be aware of.

Avoid New MDI Child Resizing Animation (and Delay) in Delphi MDI Applications - October 5, 2009
When creating (to show) an MDI child an animation of resizing will take place. This animation might look ugly if the code executed during the creation of your MDI child takes some time to process.

Delphi IDE Tools and Plug-Ins Every Developer Should Use - September 29, 2009
Want more? Here's how to add more functionality to Delphi IDE and make your job easier.

Preserve The Value of a Pointer Type Value Parameter in Delphi Callbacks for Simple Types - September 22, 2009
Passing a Simple Type Variable (Integer) for a Pointer Parameter.

Poll: Delphi Coding Styles - Begin/End Pairs - Begin On a Separate Line or After Then? - September 15, 2009
What is your begin/end coding style?

What Not To Do When You Find a Bug in Your (Delphi) Program - September 8, 2009
Bugs happen. We (developers) need to know how to handle them. But sometimes we freak out. At least I do.

Delphi Challenge: Create an Algorithm To Find Palindromic Numbers - September 7, 2009
1234321 is a palidromic number

Delphi Debugging - Debugging Techniques in Delphi and Bug Prevention - September 2, 2009
Even if you did write a program in disciplined, well-structured, careful manner, you probably still need to debug it to find some bugs.

Delphi 2010 - First Impressions - What's New and What Has Been Improved - August 31, 2009
This article lists new features (providing links to more in-depth articles / blog posts) in Delphi 2010 for Win32 development.

The Traps of The If Then Else Statement in Your Delphi Code - August 25, 2009
Watchout for If Then Else traps if you are a beginner using nested if statements.

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