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2009. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2009


W32/Induc-A - The Delphi Virus - Will Your Applications Be Affected? - August 24, 2009
The virus, named W32/Induc-A, targets a development environment, specifically: Delphi versions 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Static vs. Dynamic Dynamic Link Library Loading - a Comparison - August 18, 2009
Functions exported from a DLL can be imported in two ways: by declaring an external procedure or function (static), or by direct calls to DLL specific API functions (dynamic).

TVatCalculator - Value Added Tax Calculator Implementation in Delphi - August 17, 2009
If you are working on an accounting-type application, you will have to deal with VAT, Gross and Net values all the time.

The Dark Side of Application.ProcessMessages in Delphi Applications - August 11, 2009
Your form cannot be moved anymore and the buttons are showing no sign of life. It seems to be crashed. Application.ProcessMessages might come as a rescue, but you need to know its dark side!

Programmatically Retrieve Your IP Address Behind a Router / Proxy / Gateway Using Delphi Code - August 10, 2009
If you need to know the WAN-IP of your router using Delphi code, you can take advantage of the "http://www.whatismyip.com" service to reveal the IP address of machine.

What Is Your Most Common Delphi Programming D'Oh - Coding Error Moment? - August 06, 2009
A "D'Oh" is typically used when Homer Simpson injures himself, realizes that he has done something stupid, or when something bad has happened or is about ...

Delayed Event Handling Using Event Handler Detaching for Delphi Applications - August 03, 2009
When you have an event handler which takes some time (> 0.1 sec) to run, but you don't want another click or a double click to call the event handler a second time before the first call has finished, you can detach the event handler from the event while the event handling code is being executed.

Changing the Title of a Print Dialog in Delphi - July 20, 2009
The TPrintDialog component displays a standard Windows dialog box for sending jobs to a printer. Unfortunately, the TPrintDialog does not expose the Title property. By handing the OnShow event of a print dialog you can specify the text for the dialog’s title bar.

Delphi Tools - Icarus - Uses List Analyzer for Delphi - July 14, 2009
Icarus parses Delphi source code and generates a Uses Report. This report will help you remove unneeded units from your uses lists. You will also know which units that can be moved from the interface uses list to the implementation uses list.

Generic Solution to Freeing Objects in Delphi's TStrings - July 13, 2009
Delphi TStrings object does not own the objects you add this way. Objects added to the TStrings object still exist even if the TStrings instance is destroyed. Objects must be explicitly destroyed by the application / developer - you; or your application will leak memory.

What Happened to "Borland Delphi"? What is CodeGear? What is Embarcadero? - July 10, 2009
If your box states that Delphi is a product from Borland company or from CodeGear company you are probably holding an older version of Delphi in your hands!

What Was Your First (Not a "Hello World" Type) Delphi Application? - July 6, 2009
When you want to learn a new programming language you pick a book or find an online tutorial. The first project you will create would be a "hello world" type of application - such a program should be one of the simplest programs possible in a computer programming language.

Group Items in Delphi's TListView Control with Expandable and Collapsible Sections - June 30, 2009
Windows XP, and later versions, support grouping items in a list view. With the grouping feature of the ListView control, related sets of items can be displayed in groups. Groups are separated on the screen by horizontal group headers that contain the group titles.

Programmatically Remove a Mapped Network Drive: Dialog or Silent - June 29, 2009
When working with files and folders in your Delphi applications you might need to provide a user with an option to map a shared network path to a drive letter AND to un-map or disconnect a mapped network location. This time, we want to remove a network connection from Delphi code...

Programmatically Execute the Map Network Drive Dialog to Map a UNC Path to a Drive Letter Using Delphi - June 23, 2009
When working with files and folders in your Delphi applications you might need to provide a user with an option to map a shared network path to a drive letter.

Convert an Amount of Microseconds into a TDateTime Value - June 22, 2009
When testing your code for speed, or when you have some lengthy function, and you need to display how much time some process took to execute, you would maybe need to take microseconds into account also.

Accurately Measure Elapsed Time Using High-Resolution Performance Counter - June 15, 2009
What about when you need to process millions of tree leafs or generate zillions of unique random numbers? In such scenarios it is important that your code executes as much fast as possible. How do you measure "is fast"?

Delphi Challenge: Fastest Unique Random Number Generator - June 9, 2009
Let's see how good you are: join the "fastest unique random number generator" Delphi challenge.

Machine Flow - Delphi Esolang Implementation - June 2, 2009
In Machine Flow, all programming tasks are carried out by marbles. Yes, Marbles. They 'flow' around on rails, set on top a giant wooden table, carrying one variable of data around each. Each set of rails is connected to an input or output of an Operator - a little box which does something with the marbles (Add, Duplicate, Test, etc.).

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