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Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2010


All of your favorite Delphi tutorials, articles, tips and tricks, VCL top picks, tool reviews, source code projects on Delphi Programming and a lot more, sorted by date.

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Delphi Programming Almanac 2010

Holiday Greetings With Windows Regions - Stars - December 21, 2010
Here's an article describing windows regions and explaining how to use them to produce a star-shaped form. Stars display "Happy Christmas" in various languages.

Speed Up Your FieldByName Expressions in Delphi Database Applications - December 7, 2010
Internally, the FieldByName method searches for the field given its name. If you have to use FieldByName in a loop - "you" would be searching for the same field over and over again.

Do Properties Dream Of Default Values? - December 3, 2010
The question I had for the support personnel of the SDK was "what are the default values for all the properties"?

When You Fold, What Do You Frequently Fold (Collapsible Code Blocks in Delphi)? - November 29, 2010
Introduced in Delphi 2006, code folding lets you collapse or expand regions or blocks of code.

Remove Auto Generated "&" in Delphi's Menu Item Caption - November 23, 2010
By default the AutoHotkeys property of a Delphi TMainMenu or TPopupMenu has the value of maAutomatic. This will add the & sign to the menu item Caption.

Games That Ship With Delphi: BUG Swat - November 16, 2010
Swat is a classic addictive arcade game - smash bugs with your mouse - when you fail to remove them from your code :)

Understanding and Writing Custom Enumerators and Iterators in Delphi - November 9, 2010
The "for in" loop makes it easier to loop through the elements in a collection (e.g. characters in a string or objects in a TObjectList) by removing the need for the iterator variable, indexing each element and checking for boundaries.

Games That Ship With Delphi: Delphi Meteor - Asteroids Clone - November 2, 2010
Meteros is an extremely addictive game where you have to protect your space ship from incoming meteors.

Attributes!? Understand and Use Attributes in Delphi! - October 26, 2010
Along with existing OOP mechanisms (inheritance and ownership) you can now use annotations for a class (and class members) to further define what you classes are capable of.

RTTI in Delphi - Extended Run Time Type Information - October 18, 2010
Support for RTTI in Delphi had a facelift (and that some) in Delphi 2010.

Games That Ship With Delphi: Delphi BLOCKS - October 11, 2010
If you have over 25 years chances are that you've played Tetris when you were "young" :)

Understanding Anonymous Methods in Delphi - October 4, 2010
Anonymous methods extend existing procedural types and by allowing you use the actual code of a method as a parameter to some other method.

Understanding Generic Types in Delphi - September 27, 2010
Generics, a powerful addition to Delphi, were introduced in Delphi 2009 as a new langage feature.

Fix Loading XML / DTD in TXMLDocument - DTD Is Prohibited - September 14, 2010
In MSXML 6, the ProhibitDTD property specifies whether to prohibit (true) or allow (false) the inclusion of a DTD in the XML document. Prior to version 6, the ProhibitDTD was set to false by default. With MSXML 6, ProhibitDTD is true by default.

Delphi XE is Here! What is "XE" in "Delphi XE"? - September 14, 2010
What I am interested in is your opinion, not on the new Delphi XE, but what does "XE" stand for in "Delphi XE"?

A Mandelbrot and Julia Set Implementation - Source Code Delphi Application - September 7, 2010
Mandel is a simple educational program that computes the Mandelbrot set and its related Julia sets.

MonoX - Free ASP.NET Content Management and Social Networking Platform - August 26, 2010
Mono Software Ltd recently published a new, completely redesigned release of MonoX ASP.NET CMS with full support for Social Networking features.

Vigenere Cipher - Delphi Implementation - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #49 - August 24, 2010
In a Vigenere cipher, messages are encoded by mapping letters to numeric values and adding the plaintext values to the keytext values, modulo the number of letters in the alphabet.

Add Custom Sorting To Delphi's TShellListView Control - August 2, 2010
What we are up to in this article, is adding a popup menu to the TShellListView control that would allow users of your Delphi application to sort files displayed by the shell list view: ascending or descending, by name, size, date modified or type.

Maze Creation and Solving Tool - Source Code Delphi Application - July 27, 2010
A maze (or labyrinth, even though not a synonim) is a complex structure with a series of interconnecting pathways - walls making dead ends.

Web Enabling A Desktop Delphi Application: What To Do / What Is Needed? - July 20, 2010
Like many Delphi developers, you might be looking for a way to spice up your application a little by web enabling it, or at least some portions of it.

Handling Mouse Wheel Messages For The TImage Delphi Control - July 13, 2010
TGraphicControl descendant controls do not receive mouse wheel messages in Delphi. TImage is one such control. Here's how to expose the OnMouseWheel event handler for the TImage Delphi control. What's more: how to handle mouse wheel messages for any TControl descendant.

Where is the Mouse? Is it Over Some TControl Descendant? - July 6, 2010
Suppose the following: there's a panel ("ppanel") and a panel ("cpanel") inside it as a child, there's also a TImage ("img") inside the "cpanel". The question is: "is the mouse over "ppanel"?

Auto Select All The Text For TCustomEdit On Mouse Click - June 29, 2010
What we want is that AutoSelect works not only when the control is tabbed into BUT also when the edit control receives the input focus as a result of a mouse click into the control...

PCRE Workbench - Regular Expression Test Tool - Source Code Delphi Application - June 22, 2010
PCRE Workbench is a regular expression test application that eases the process of designing regular expressions.

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