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2010. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2010


Run Your Delphi Application in Full Screen - Implement "F11 - Full Screen" - June 14, 2010
Running in full screen, where an application UI covers the entire screen, over the TaskBar and any Desktop/Tool bars, is handy when a user has a limited screen size (netbooks) or when you just want more to be visible by the browser or the Windows Explorer.

How Do You Delete Dataset Records In a Loop? - June 8, 2010
Never mind what database, never mind what controls you are using, just imagine a scenario where you iterate through the records of a dataset and delete the row if it meets some criteria.

Free PDF Library for Delphi Developers - Quick PDF Library LITE - June 1, 2010
Quick PDF Library Lite offers a subset of the functionality found in Quick PDF Library - a royalty-free PDF developer SDK - for free!

Switch Languages / Keyboard Layouts in Your Delphi Application - May 25, 2010
If you need to allow the user of your Delphi application to use different languages / keyboard layouts to input data, you would need to mimic the "Text Service and Input Languages" Control Panel applet.

Delete Facebook Account From a Delphi Application - May 18, 2010
Never mind the reason, if a user wants to permanently remove his/her Facebook account, you as a developer could help the user by making it easy for the user to reach the "Delete My Account" page.

Bit Clock - Fancy Delphi Application Contest Entry #49 - May 11, 2010
A bit clock could be pictured as a series of led lights where 6 lights would be enough to represent up to 60 states for 60 seconds in a minute. 3 rows of lights would be used for hour, minute and second.

Store RTF As a Resource - Load Resource RTF Into a TRichEdit - April 27, 2010
Here's how to store and load RTF (rich text document) data as a resource in Delphi applications.

Deactivating the TShellTreeView Delphi Control - Faking the Active Property - April 20, 2010
When the form hosting the shelltreeview is created, the TShellTreeView will read the shell structure and populate the tree. Note that the component is not visible by default - therefore not "needed" at form creation. The process of enumerating the shell as done by the component takes some time (a few seconds) and it appears as is the application has frozen.

Ignoring the "Variable 'btn' might not have been initialized" Warning? Do NOT! - April 13, 2010
Take a look at your Delphi application, the one you are developing for many days (weeks, years) ... when you hit Compile - how many compiler warnings do you see? Zero? Bravo! A few? A dozen, hundreds?

Real World Issues: "Can I Develop for Mobile Devices Using Delphi"? - April 7, 2010
If you are not hidden under some rock, you've heard people talking IPad, IPhone, Android, PDAs, Smart Phones, Window Mobile, ...

How Do You Test If a Delphi String Starts With a (Sub)String? What RTL Function is Faster? - March 30, 2010
Let's say that you need to determines whether the beginning of a string matches a specified string? Delphi provides at least 4 ways to check if a string starts with another (sub)string.

Drag Multiple Files From Delphi's TShellListView - March 23, 2010
When MultiSelect property is set (to true) for the shell list view, to get the list of selected files, you need to iterate through items and check if an item is selected.

Snap Mouse To The Default Button in a Dialog Box in Delphi Applications - March 15, 2010
Unfortunately for your Delphi application users, the "move pointer to the default button in dialog boxes" feature is not handled by your Delphi application.

Selecting Delphi's TListView Item When the Item's Checkbox is Checked - March 9, 2010
You will notice that checking or unchecking the item in a list view will not change the selected item - the item that gets checked will not get selected.

Understanding Unicode Support in Delphi - March 2, 2010
What does UNICODE mean? Will you have trouble migrating your "ansi" applications? How to create new Unicode Delphi application? What has changed with Char, String and PChar types?

Tabbed Interface (MTI) For Your MDI Delphi Applications - February 23, 2010
Microsoft is promoting a different user interface for MDI applications - TDI: Tabbed User Interface.

Redirect Mouse Wheel Message To A Control Under The Mouse in Delphi Applications - February 16, 2010
Many Windows applications (Delphi IDE including) have changed the default mouse wheel behaviour for input controls: when the wheel is spun, the control beneath the mouse is scrolled - never mind which control actually has the focus.

ORM - Object Relational Mapping / Persistence Frameworks for Delphi - February 9, 2010
Can Delphi database programming be done easily? The answer is yes: use an ORM

Creating Windows Service Applications Using Delphi - February 2, 2010
Service applications take requests from client applications, process those requests, and return information to the client applications. They typically run in the background, without much user input.

Extract Links From a HTML Page Using Delphi - Get Href Attribute From The A Tags - January 26, 2010
Sometimes, you "only" want to extract all the links from a HTML document / URL. You want to get the HREF attribute of all A tags.

Use DLL from Resources (RES) Without Storing It On The File System First - January 19, 2010
My initial answer was "to use a DLL stored inside a Delphi application executable file, the DLL first needs to be stored on the file system". I was wrong :)

Share Your Story: What Were the "Missing Tutorials" When You Started With Delphi? - January 4, 2010
What type of applications are you building with Delphi? What was the most complex lesson you had to learn and how did you learn it?

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