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Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2011 - 1/2


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Delphi Programming Almanac 2011

Programmatically Check If Your 32-bit Delphi Application Is Running On 32-bit Or 64-bit Windows - December 27, 2011
Having my x86 (32-bit) application running on various Windows versions - I need a way to know if my 32 bit application is running on Windows x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64 bit).

CancelInvocation And Forget Added To AsyncCalls :) - December 16, 2011
Just a few days after I wrote the AsyncCalls Unit By Andreas Hausladen - Let's Use (and Extend) It! article Andreas did release a new 2.99 version of AsyncCalls. The IAsyncCall interface now includes three more methods...

Delphi Thread Pools - AsyncCalls Unit By Andreas Hausladen - Let's Use (and Extend) It! - December 13, 2011
This is my next test project to see what threading library for Delphi would suite me best for my "file scanning" task I would like to process in multiple threads / in a thread pool.

Do Properties Dream Of Default Values? - December 6, 2011
Running file "scanning" in threads is what I need - to control the number of threads running at a time - thus, a Delphi thread pool implementation is what I am looking for.

ShellControls (TShellTreeView, TShellListView) In Delphi XE2 - ShellCtrls VS Vcl.Shell.ShellCtrls - November 15, 2011
Trick question: when you use any of the TSHellTreeView or TShellListView, what compiled (DCU) version of "shellctrls.pas" is used by Delphi XE2?

Threaded String Parser - Breaking Down String To Characters In Threads In Delphi - November 8, 2011
With today machines having multiple cores, why not take advantage of the hardware and have your code execute in multiple threads. Here's a simple threaded string parser to help you start implementing your threaded tasks.

Stress Calculator For A (Delphi) Programmer - October 28, 2011
Have you noticed how time passes by more quickly as you approach "The Deadline"? The function you are working on seems more complicated than when you created the function header and perfectly knew what the function should return and how to code it?

D'oh! Those Negative Boolean AND Bitwise Expressions :( - October 21, 2011
A "D'oh" moment for me is when I do an obvious coding error but I am not able to see it even in the debugger.

Sizing TComboBox Drop Down List Width - No Cut Off - October 11, 2011
When the length (of a string) of items exceeds the width of the combo box, the items are displayed as cut-off!

Set Of String in Delphi? Yes! Union, Intersection and Difference For String Lists. - October 4, 2011
In Delphi, sets or set types allow you to do set type operations like union, intersection and difference on a set of ordinal values. A set is a collection of ordinal values. The values in a set have no order and it makes no sense to have a value twice (or more times) in a set. Since strings are not ordinal types you cannot have set of string declarations. Or, can you?

Implementing StartsText With SubText As Pattern - When Pattern Is A Regular Expression! - September 27, 2011
How to determine if a substring begins another string in Delphi? Easy: use StartsText (StartsStr, Pos, ...). How to determine if a pattern-like substring begins another string in Delphi? Easy: use regular expression!

Use TFile Delphi Record To Encrypt or Decrypt A File - September 20, 2011
Starting with Delphi 2010, the RTL includes the "ioutils.pas" unit hosting dozens of file and folder related functions grouped into TFile, TDirectory, TPath and alike classes (records to be more precise).

Crypting Your INI (Configuration) Files - September 13, 2011
For one particular situation I wanted to somehow hide the content of the INI file. Yes, INI files are not to be used to store critical data, but in this case I only simply wanted to have a no-eye situation.

How Many Times A String Appears Inside Another String? - August 30, 2011
While the SysUtils unit and the StrUtils unit provide hundreds of string manipulation routines there are always some that are "missing". A function I need daily is the one that return the number of how many times a string appears inside another string.

The Traps of The If Then Else Statement in Your Delphi Code - August 8, 2011
In Delphi, the if statement is used to test for a condition and then execute sections of code based on whether that condition is True or False. Watchout for If Then Else traps if you are a beginner using nested if statements.

Create Smaller Delphi XE Executables: Remove RTTI, Pack EXE - July 26, 2011
Ok, "today" the size of the EXE should not be something your users would worry about - but I needed to send beta/test copies to a partner every day / two days / very often.

Facebook and Delphi - Facebook API for Delphi - July 19, 2011
Ok, so now that you know what Facebook is, you probably are asking how can I build a Delphi application to allow me and my friends to "connect" to Facebook more easily :)

Twitter and Delphi - Twitter API for Delphi - Make Your Own Delphi Twitter Client - July 12, 2011
Ok, so now that you know what Twitter is, you probably are asking how can I build a Delphi application to allow me and my friends to tweet more easily :)

Generating QR-Code Using Delphi - July 5, 2011
QR (quick response) codes can be used to encode URL, text or other data. Most smartphones like iPhones and Android phones now have apps that let you to read QR codes.

What Databases Can you Integrate / Embed Directly With Your Delphi Application - June 28, 2011
An embedded database is a database that does not run in a separate process, but instead is directly linked (embedded or integrated) into the application requiring access to the stored data. An embedded database is hidden from the application's end-user and requires little or no ongoing maintenance.

Using Multithreading In Delphi For What? - May 31, 2011
According to a recent poll I posted (Have You Done Any Multi-threading in Delphi?), more than 80% of Delphi developers (who participated) know how to code multithreaded Delphi applications.

Limit The Number Of Characters For The TListView's Editor Control - May 24, 2011
The ReadOnly property of a List View, determines whether the user can change the contents of the control - caption of an item. Since using TEdit we (Delphi developers) are used to have the MaxLength property. Here's how to limit the number of characters a user can enter into the ListView's editor control.

Poll: Have You Done Any Multi-threading in Delphi? - May 17, 2011
So you drop a button on a form and have a "Hello World" application ready :) What happens with your more complex applications, have you tried working with threads in Delphi, or are they too weird to be implemented?

Multi-Threaded Application Development Libraries For Delphi - May 10, 2011
The time has come for you to start implementing multi-threaded code in your Delphi applications? The TThread class is too abstract for you?

Interfaces in Delphi Programming 101 - Defining an Interface; Implementing an Interface - May 9, 2011
If you are up to creating a rock solid application in a way that your code is maintainable, reusable, and flexible the OOP nature of Delphi will help you drive the first 70% of your route. Defining interfaces and implementing them will help with the remaining 30%.

Delphi 64-bit - What's In It For You - May 3, 2011
If histroy can be predicted then 64-bit compiler should see the light of the day during 2011 - therefore you do not have toooo much time to prepare for compiling for x64 systems.

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