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2011. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic

Delphi Programming Almanac For the Year 2011 - 2/2


Don't Miss: Delphi Certification Beta Program - April 26, 2011
The program will have two types of certification levels: "Developer" and "Master". "Developer" test is designed to demonstrate basic competence in using Delphi. "Master" includes tests on complex Delphi programming techniques, component development, and other advanced topics.

Hide, Slide And Fade Away Controls On A Delphi Form - April 19, 2011
A simple "Panel1.Visible := false;" will make a panel invisible, but why not make it more eye candy by providing a hiding animation.

Get Single IXMLNode Using XPath's IDomNodeSelect - April 12, 2011
To select the first node that matches the XPath expression you can use the selectNode function of the IDomNodeSelect defined in XmlDom.pas.

Select XML Nodes Into IXMLNodeList Using XPath In XmlDom.Pas - April 5, 2011
The IXMLNode does not have a way of selecting child nodes into a node collection by node name. You can iterate through all the nodes and if TXMLNode.NodeName matches "name" process it. A far better approach is to take advantage of the powerful node processing features in XPath.

Let Your Delphi Application Be Executed When A Folder Is Right-Clicked in Windows Explorer - March 29, 2011
When a users right-clicks on a folder in Windows Explorer a context popup appears. Beside standard items you can add an item for your application. When a user click the item - your application gets started and you can send it (as a parameter) the folder selected.

Have a Tab Specific Hint for TTabSet or TTabControl Tabs - March 15, 2011
For TTabSet and TTabControl there's only "one" Hint property you can set and this hint will appear for the entire control - not taking into account the selected tab or alike. Here's how to have different hints when the mouse hovers over a specific tab of the tab control.

Delphi Hangman Game (Full Source Code) - March 8, 2011
A classic pencil and paper game, this time in electronic version. Play Delphi Hangman and try to guess the word, letter by letter, where a word is one of Delphi reserved words. Great way to learn Delphi language reserved words :)

Faking HideSelection Property for a TCheckListBox - March 1, 2011
Even when you tab out of a check list box (where focus gets shifted to another control) there will still be a visual indicator for the selected item.

Third Party Delphi Components I Am Using - What 3rd Party Components Are You Using? - February 22, 2011
Even though Delphi comes (depending on the version) with some 200+ various components designed to help you do this or that task ... there are situations when you need a special component to do some special job. I guess every Delphi developer has at least one "extra" component on the Component Palette.

A Typical Delphi Programmer Day - How Does That Look For You? - February 15, 2011
Be it an entry level programmer or a solution architect I suppose your typical day-to-day tasks sometimes feel like "déjà vu".

Accurate Difference Between Two TDateTime Values - February 8, 2011
Here I intend to code the shortest path to creating a function that obtains precisely (1 millisecond) the difference between two dates passed as parameter. The result is a record in years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds which is the difference of full dates!

Delphi For Only 149/199 ($ or €) - Delphi Starter Edition! - February 1, 2011
The Starter edition is targeted at hobbyists, students, small (micro) companies (up to 5 developer seats), startups, independent developers. With the target group come some restrictions: Delphi Starter Edition is designed and priced to allow individuals and startups to bootstrap their vision until related revenues reach $1,000.

Shortcut Keys In Delphi MDI Applications - Predefined By Windows And User Defined - January 25, 2011
Providing shortcut keys for some common actions in your MDI child forms is something that will make your application more user friendly. Do you know there are some shortcuts you cannot use?

Implementing OnStateIconClick In TListView - Radio Group Like ListView - January 18, 2011
I needed to have a way to allow a user to select / check / mark one item from the list. I could not use the Selected property as it was also needed that one item can be selected while the other can be checked. The Checkboxes property was not of help. Checkboxes allows checking several items at a time. What I needed is something like a radio group where only one list item in a list view can be checked at a time. I also needed for some items to be non-checkable.

Receive Windows Messages In Your Custom Delphi Class - NonWindowed Control - January 11, 2011
Windows messages are a key ingredient in communication between Windows and (your) applications and also in communication between (two) applications. For an application to receive a Window message, the application must provide a "window" a message will be sent to. What is you do NOT have a window to receive a message? What if you want to handle messages in your custom class derived from TObject?

Get The Name Of The Windows OS Installed on a Machine - January 4, 2011
Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the infrastructure for management data and operations on Windows-based operating systems. You can use Delphi to communicate with WMI by using a variety of interfaces. All the WMI interfaces are based on the Component Object Model (COM).

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