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MD5 Hashing in Delphi

Calculate MD5 Checksum for a File or String using Delphi


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The MD5 Message-Digest algorithm is a cryptographic hash function. MD5 is commonly used to check the integrity of files. An MD5 hash value is a 32 digit hexadecimal number.

MD5 for files

Using Delphi, you can easily create a function to calculate the MD5 hash for a given file. All you need is included in two units (part of Indy): IdHashMessageDigest and idHash.
 uses IdHashMessageDigest, idHash;
 //returns MD5 has for a file
 function MD5(const fileName : string) : string;
   idmd5 : TIdHashMessageDigest5;
   fs : TFileStream;
   hash : T4x4LongWordRecord;
   idmd5 := TIdHashMessageDigest5.Create;
   fs := TFileStream.Create(fileName, fmOpenRead OR fmShareDenyWrite) ;
     result := idmd5.AsHex(idmd5.HashValue(fs)) ;
You can use MD5 file hashing to enusure that after a (some kind of file) transfer the file has arrived intact.

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