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Understanding Unicode Support in Delphi

From Delphi 2009, Delphi Has Complete Support For The Unicode Character Set


Unicode Characters

Unicode Characters

Unicode Characters
If you are preparing to move / migrate your "old" Delphi applications to any Delphi version later than Delphi 2009, you must have heard that a default Delphi string type is now (where "now" means in Delphi versions >= 2009) Unicode.

What does this mean? Will you have trouble migrating your "ansi" applications? How to create new Unicode Delphi application? What has changed with Char, String and PChar types?

This article provides links to answers....

Go Unicode Without Fear

Unicode is a character encoding scheme that allows virtually all alphabets to be encoded into a single character set. Unicode "enabled" applications can use characters and symbols of all of the worlds written languages for storage, retrieval, and display by digital computers.

Delphi in a Unicode World Part I: What is Unicode, Why do you need it, and How do you work with it in Delphi?
This article discusses Unicode, how Delphi developers can benefit from using Unicode, and how Unicode is implemented in Delphi >= 2009.

Delphi in a Unicode World Part II: New RTL Features and Classes to Support Unicode
This article covers the new features of Delphi Unicode "enabled" Runtime Library that will help handle Unicode strings.

Delphi in a Unicode World Part III: Unicodifying Your Code
This article describes what you need to do to get your code ready for unicode migration.

Delphi and Unicode
Learn more about the new Unicode support in Delphi >= 2009 in this white paper by Marco Cantù.

Delphi Unicode Migration for Mere Mortals
This document aims to guide your Unicode migration efforts by sharing the experiences and insights of numerous Delphi developers who have already made the journey. It begins with a general introduction of the issues, followed by a brief overview of Unicode basics.

Delphi Unicode String Performance in a Nutshell
If your application performs well in Delphi 2007, it will preform just as well in Delphi 2009. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules. As a bonus, your application will fully support Unicode, an important advantage in today’s globalized world.

Delphi 2009 Unicode String Types and Unicode Tips and Tricks
UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, FillChar, ...

Unicode and Type Libraries in Delphi >= 2009
If you've opened up the Tools | Options in Delphi 2009 and taken a look at C++ Type Library Options and Delphi Type Library Options you'll notice the options are relatively the same as previous version but there are a few additions that might not be all that easy to understand.

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