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A first look at Delphi 2005


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Quick Feature Overview
Delphi2005 Welcome Screen
After an unofficial pre-release review, the time has come to take a sneak peak into a new Delphi version.

Delphi 2005 is the ultimate weapon for developers: Delphi, C#, Win32 and .NET in one RAD environment. Buy Borland Delphi 2005 (compare prices)

While other IDEs support multiple languages, Delphi 2005 is unique in that it supports both multiple platforms and multiple languages transparently. You can create a project group that includes a Delphi for .NET ASP.NET Web application, a C# Web Control class library, and a Windows DLL written in Delphi Win32.

What to expect from Delphi 2005:

  • Delphi language enhanced with multi-unit namespaces, the for in loop, function in-lining, etc.
  • New "tools": Refactoring, SyncEdit, History Manager, Integrated Quality Central, ...
  • Enterprise Core Objects II - a UML compliant Object Model Framework and Object Persistence, with support for databases through the Borland Data Provider, also available for ASP.NET
  • Unit testing with DUnit and NUnit, using the extreme unit-test framework in Delphi for .NET, Delphi for Win32 and C# projects
  • Deployment Manager for ASP.NET (and IntraWeb) application deployment
  • and much, much more ...

Note: even though Delphi 2005 comes with Delphi for .Net, .Net can be removed from it, read: "Making Delphi 2005 independent from .NET"

We'll now take a tour through some of the new (improved) elements in Delphi 2005. At the end of this sneak peak, you'll find the Delphi 2005 feature matrix, reviews guide, what's new section, etc.

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