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A First Look at (Borland Developer Studio) Delphi 2006


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"The ultimate productivity force-multiplier for Windows development"
A First Look at (Borland Developer Studio) Delphi 2006

Delphi 2006 rocks!
If you were questioning yourself if it is time to move from Delphi 7 (or any previous versions) to the latest version of the Borland Developer Studio - BDS 2006 - the answer is Yes!

Delphi 2006: compare prices!

Delphi 2006 (code named "DeXter") includes complete RAD support for C++ and C# in addition to Delphi for Win32 and Delphi for .NET programming languages.
The tools available in the IDE depend on the edition of Developer Studio 2006 you are using.
Delphi 2006 Professional is designed for individual developers, ISVs, and smaller organizations building desktop and Web applications with local database connectivity.
Delphi 2006 Enterprise is designed for small to medium-sized organizations who develop business-critical software with high performance database server requirements.
Delphi 2006 Architect adds ECO 3 to Enterprise version.

What's old?

While all the great features that were introduced in Delphi 2005 are still here, Delphi 2006 adds some really cool new features.

What's new?

Delphi language new features:
  • Static methods and properties
  • Operator overloading
  • Non-virtual method declaration
  • Regular instance methods
  • Constructors with non-empty parameter lists

We'll now take a tour through some of the new (improved) elements in Delphi 2006. At the end of this sneak peak, you'll find the Delphi 2006 feature matrix, reviews guide, what's new section, etc.

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