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Review: madExcept - Delphi Crash / Exception Handling with Bug Reporting


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What is madExcept?
madExcept Exception Dialog

madExcept Exception Dialog

madExcept was built to help you locating crashes in your Delphi application. Whenever there's a crash/exception in your program, madExcept will automatically catch it, analyze it, collect lots of useful information, and give the end user the possibility to send you a full bug report.

No program is bug-free!

Yes, even the one that you write is prone to bugs. Sooner or later, as the program grows, a user of your application will call you saying something like: "there's a dialog saying something about some 'access violation' - the application then crashed, what should we do?"

Uh, what to do? Of course, the program runs perfectly when you work with it - but users are "beasts" they tend to use the applications we (programmers) develop in various (strange) ways. To help such a user you'll want to have as detailed bug report provided by the user as possible, this is where you should start looking inside the madExcept...

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