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Screen Saver development

Coding Windows Screen Savers with Delphi.

Screen Shuffling with Delphi
Delphi code that divides the current desktop into blocks and then swaps the blocks. It includes an option that lets you adjust the shuffling speed, and the size of the blocks. Great intro to sliding puzzle game or to screen saver development.

A Screen-Saver Manager
Schedule screen savers for holidays, special events, and days of the week. Free source in Delphi.

How to Make a Windows Screen Saver in Delphi
The screen saver we are going to create will blank the screen and begin drawing shaded spheres at random locations on the screen, periodically erasing and starting over. The user will be able to specify the maximum number spheres to draw before erasing, as well as the size and speed with which to draw them.

Windows 95 Screen Savers
How to write Windows 95 Screen Savers.

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