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MS SQL Server / MSDE / Access - Delphi knowledge base

Programming with Delphi - articles, tutorials, whitepapers, tips and tricks. Focus on MS SQL Server / MSDE / Access databases.

Enumerating available SQL Servers. Retrieving databases on a SQLServer
Here's how to create your own connection dialog for a SQL Server database. Full Delphi source code for getting the list of available MS SQL Servers (on a network) and listing database names on a Server.

Paradox vs Microsoft Access
This test is to compare various database operations (local and remote) performance on Paradox and Microsoft Access database.

Extended Stored Procedure component for Delphi
It's a stored procedure but in a DLL. Extended stored procedures can do things what are impossible to be done with only T-SQL: work with files, perform complex evaluations, etc.

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