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Delphi Coding Standards and Conventions

Recommendations of standards and conventions for designing, coding, and commenting software projects written in Delphi and Kylix

Font Selection Preview for Delphi / Pascal Programming Code
Select the best font for your Delphi IDE. Preview some of the hand-picked monospaced fonts to be used in Delphi: Courier, Lucida, Inconsolata, Proggy Clean, Bitstram, Raize and other readable, sharp, clean, crisp fonts.

Choosing the Best Font for your Delphi / Pascal Code
Having a readable, sharp, clean, crisp, nonospace font is a must if you do not want your eyes to suffer (and want more code per line)! A font you use must distinguish between similar characters, such as capital O letter and zero number (0) and the number 1, capital I, and lowercase l. Choose the best font for your Delphi / Pascal code.

Goto Delphi: How I (Almost) Ended Up Using Goto in Delphi code
To be honest I was amazed. Just a few days ago I found myself opening up Delphi help to look for Goto examples and how one can use the Goto statement in Delphi. I knew Goto is here, but I never used it before!

Multi-Resolution Delphi Applications
What to keep in mind when scaling Delphi applications (forms) on different screen resolutions.

I have a comment
The art of commenting your code.

Delphi Identifier Naming Conventions
How to name all those variables and components you use in your daily Delphi programming.

Delphi Coding Standards Document
This document describes the coding standards for Delphi programming as used in Delphi Developer's Guide. In general, this document follows the often "unspoken" formatting guidelines used by Borland International with a few minor exceptions.

Discussion about Application Interface
Any RAD including Borland Delphi, of course, is very powerful tool, which allow to reduce a time and to increase a quality of development. But in same time the any RAD allow to write an application with bad style and bad performance. To describe a necessity of changes in programming is one task of this article.

Interfaces: Off The Beaten Track
How to use interfaces to automatically destroy objects, restore objects to previous states, cut away swathes of try..finally blocks, and deal with memory leaks.

Hungarian peanut butter
Introduces and explains Hungarian notation, and proposes an Object Pascal-specific variant thereof.

Object Pascal Style Guide
This article documents a standard style for formatting Delphi code. It is based on the conventions developed by the Delphi team.

The user interface
Some comments and application development tips about the design of the user interface

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