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Top Picks - Delphi Tools and Components

What are the best Delphi related tools? What component should you buy? Is this VCL/CLX/VCL.NET library what you really need?
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Embedded Databases For Your Delphi Projects
An embedded database is a a database that does not run in a separate process, but instead is directly linked (embedded or integrated) into the application requiring access to the stored data. An embedded database is hidden from the application’s end-user and requires little or no ongoing maintenance.

Third Party Delphi Components I Am Using
Even though Delphi comes (depending on the version) with some 200+ various components designed to help you do this or that task ... there are situations when you need a special component to do some special job and you turn to looking for that component on the third-party market or you build your own Delphi component. What are the components you...

What (Third Party) Delphi Components Are You Using?
Even though Delphi comes (depending on the version) with some 200+ various components designed to help you do this or that task ... there are situations when you need a special component to do some special job. What are the third-party Delphi components in your Delphi IDE?

Object Relational Mapping Frameworks for Delphi
Working with database data in Delphi can be really simple. Drop a TQuery on a form, set the SQL property, set Active and, voila, here's your database data in a DBGrid. Ok, you do need a TDataSource and a connection to a database, but that's just a few clicks away. Now you want to insert, update and delete data. That's also easy but can get...

TQPDF - Delphi Wrapper for the QPDF Library
TQPDF - Delphi wrapper for the QPDF.DLL. QPDF is capable of creating linearized (also known as web-optimized) files and encrypted files. It is also capable of converting PDF files with object streams (also known as compressed objects) to files with no compressed objects or to generate object streams from files that don't have them (or even those that already do).

Regular Expressions in Your Delphi Code - When and Why do You Use Reg…
If you need to recognize patterns in text where patterns are much more complex, you would turn to using regular expressions. What's your story? Have you ever used RegEx in Delphi? Why? What for? Let us learn something new from your experience - give us some real world examples.

RegEx - Regular Expression Libraries for Delphi
A regular expression (regex, regexp) is a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules. Regular expressions are used as a powerful and convenient way to recognise patterns in text. Using regular expressinos you can validate e-mail adresses, extract phone numbers or ZIP-codes from web pages or...

Licensing / Protection Tools for Delphi Applications
You have developed a Delphi application and you are now looking for ways to protect it from unauthorized usage? Need to have your application running only for a limited (demo) time? Want to easily exclude some application features depending on the license version ("lite", "standard", "pro") of your product?

Skinning Delphi Applications
A collection of Delphi component sets to let you add skinning support to your Delphi applications. Applying a skin or a theme ("skinning") to the application changes its look and feel: graphical user interface.

Delphi ZIP / UNZIP (Compression) Components
A selected collection of open source, free, and commercial Delphi components to help you add ZIP / UNZIP functionality to your application. Compressing and deflating files and directories in well-known formats like ZIP, RAR, CAB will not longer be a missing piece in your Delphi projects!

Delphi Memory Leak Fix Tools
Looking for a tool to catch Delphi application errors such as memory corruption, memory leaks, memory allocation errors, variable initialization errors, variable definition conflicts, pointer errors. Look no more.

Resource Managers
Several resource manager / investigator utilities are available from Delphi developers that enable you to view, modify, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables.

Free Source VCL Sets!
Looking for a free source multi-purpose Delphi component collection to add more power to your applications? Look no more, here's a list of the best Delphi component (free with source) sets on the Net!

ADO Delphi VCL Component Sets
Take a look at some native third-party ADO components that will help you access databases with Delphi without the BDE. Delphi's support for ADO will undoubtedly increase with subsequent Delphi versions, most of the components listed here allow you to use ADO with Delphi versions 3 and up.

Communications Tools and Component
The list of the best Communications Tools and Components available for Delphi. If you need to work with TAPI, SMS, COM, etc you've come to the right place.

GIS / Charting / Mapping Tools and Components
If you're looking for best Delphi GIS, charting or mapping tools, look no further. The following list presents the most popular picks for all your charting and plotting needs. In most cases the tools come as VCL libraries and offer more than you can think of.

DB Aware Grid Components
The list of the best Data Aware Grid components available for Delphi. The TDBGrid component enhanced to maximum.

Data Exporting Tools
Listing the best Delphi data exporting (importing) tools that allow you to save your data in the most popular formats for the future viewing, modification, printing or web publication.

Dephi components to access MySQL
An overview of VCL components allowing you to access a MySQL database from Delphi using standard data controls without using BDE/ADO/ODBC. Plus a few MYSQL related tools.

Delphi IDE Add-In
Take a look at a collection of the best Delphi add-in packages on the market. Add more functionality to Delphi IDE, make your job easier.

Help authoring tools
Documentation and the help system is essential when users are working with your applications. This page lists tools that help your users with multiple language support, WYSIWYG interfaces, and more. Create manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help and RTF.

Imaging Tools
Look for toolkits designed to give developers all the power and flexibility needed to integrate any type multimedia document into their applications. Build applications with image viewing, editing, printing, powerful TWAIN scanning, fully programmable annotations, redaction, multi-page TIFF, file format conversion, and more..

Installation Packages
If you are looking for a tool to distribute and deliver your Delphi applications look no further.

In pursuit for components
Where to look for various free/shareware Delphi components

Interbase / Firebird Managers
Looking for an Interbase / Firebird manager kind of tool. Look no more! The list has some of the greatest IB database supporting tools on the Net.

Localization Tools for Delphi
Internationalize your Delphi applications, add localized language support to existing and being developing Delphi projects.

Mobile/Handheld Programming Tools
If you are looking for a tool to help you code for handheld and mobile devices with Delphi, look no further. This page presents some Delphi components and Delphi-like mobile/handheld computing focused development tools.

Modeling/CASE Tools
What are the best UML tools on the market? There are a lot, providing an interesting array of features. Here's a list of suggested tools to make your Delphi developer days easier.

Native MS Access BDE replacement
Take a look at some native third-party DB components that will help you access MS Access databases with Delphi without the BDE. All the components compile directly in the Delphi exe file, you need not to distribute any DLLs.

PDF Managing Tools
Need to create, encrypt or manage PDF (Portable Document Format) files from Delphi? Using the tools and components in this listing you will get powerful control of PDF documents in your applications. PDF is a worldwide standard for electronic documents. It was originally developed by Adobe.

Web - Internet Communication Components
Need a way to access the Internet resources from your Delphi applications? This page provides a collection of components optimized for Internet communication - http, mail, ftp, ....

Scheduling / Calendar VCL/Tool
A selection of Delphi components that make it easy to add appointment booking and group scheduling functionality to your application. The components seamlessly integrate with your applications and add attractive and intuitive user interfaces.

Scripting tools and components
Create your Delphi applications extremely enhanceable - add scripting support to your code. "Scripters" allow the users to customize an application to their needs without having to recompile it.

Web Development Tools
With the release of .NET Microsoft forced developers to think more of Web development as the number one job description in the future. Let's see what are the options for Delphi developers. Here's a list of the selected tools to help you speed up your Web projects. From VCL components (*http enabled*) to true RAD tools the list offers the best...

Web scripting with Delphi
A look at server-side scripting solutions based on Delphi Pascal language.

Reporting tools
Easily create complex reports that are linked directly into your Delphi EXE. Most of the tools from the list provide all the means for you to develop reports, including a report engine, report designer, previewer, ...

Testing and Debugging Tools
If you're looking for the best Delphi testing and debugging tools, look no further. The list contains tools to help you speed up your development by finding possible bugs, memory leaks, ...

XP Theme VCLs
Need to shange the look and feel of your Delphi applications? Interested in fancy GUIs? Here's a list of VCL components designed to enable XP styles on any Delphi project.

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