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Top 5 Testing and Debugging Tools


If you're looking for the best Delphi testing and debugging tools, look no further. The list contains tools to help you speed up your development by finding possible bugs, memory leaks, ...

1. SmartInspect

SmartInspect is a logging tool for debugging and monitoring Delphi applications. It comes with a logging library that can be integrated in Delphi applications to log messages, errors, variable values, objects, files and so on. A graphical viewer application, the SmartInspect Console, allows developers to view, filter and analyze the logging data.

2. CodeSite

The primary purpose of CodeSite is to help developers locate problems in their code. CodeSite enables developers to send detailed information (including string lists, objects, even bitmaps) from within their application code to a specialized receiver.

3. EurekaLog

A friendly Delphi tool that helps you to identify every exception-based BUG, showing address, module, unit, class, method, line #, etc...With a full integration into the IDE, you can compile your applications with the new ability to intercept all kinds of exception and trace a detailed and customizable log of every code point executed between application's start and exception's raise...

4. AQtime

a complete, top-to-bottom performance profiler and memory usage debugger for Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++ Builder, Intel C++, GCC and Compaq Visual Fortran applications. AQtime offers over twenty built-in profilers/debuggers and productivity tools that work in unison to give you an unrivaled level of information on the state of your software projects - from inception to delivery.

5. Qtest

The idea behind QTest is to create a mechanism like dUnit that can be used by a larger percentage of users not necessarily comfortable with creating their own classes in Delphi.

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