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Top 6 Mobile/Handheld Programming Tools


If you are looking for a tool to help you code for handheld and mobile devices with Delphi, look no further. This page presents some Delphi components and Delphi-like mobile/handheld computing focused development tools.

1. Delphi 2006 on .NET Compact Framework

This article provides information about the Delphi .NET Compact Framework compiler and some Delphi 2006 plugins for developing Pocket PC applications.

2. Pocket Studio

PocketStudio Professional Edition is a powerful combination of a state-of-the-art, 32-bit Pascal compiler and an easy-to-use, adaptable integrated development environment that allows you to quickly build sophisticated applications for the Palm OS.

3. TMS Software CETools

Component set for desktop to CE device connectivity, includes 12 Delphi Components to enable seamless connectivity between Delphi & C++Builder applications and Pocket PC devices. Includes: TCEFileOperations - copy, move, delete file operations on Pocket PC and between Pocket PC and desktop PC; TCEDatabase - access to Pocket PC databases...

4. Oxygen Software Components

TOxygenSMS component is designed to give an access to SMS and Calendar capabilities of Nokia GSM phone from a Win program. TOxygenDirectorySpy Component for allows you to watch file system changes including file or directory creation, access, removing, changing size and attributes. TOxygenWndTransparency Component allows to make your windows semitransparent with specified transparency value

5. TurboSync

TurboSync is a set of VCL components and Delphi classes that enable Palm conduits to be easily developed in Delphi. Features include : Familiar Delphi architecture, Ability to define Palm database fields visually at design time, Complete source code...

6. envi.con ConduitDB SDK

Simply synchronize your BDE application with a 3Com Palm Pilot. Exchange from almost any database to and from Palm Pilot. Delphi, CBuilder,C++, Paradox and many other BDE applications. No Pilot programming necessary, no Conduit programming required...

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