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Top 10 Web Development Tools


With the release of .NET Microsoft forced developers to think more of Web development as the number one job description in the future. Let's see what are the options for Delphi developers. Here's a list of the selected tools to help you speed up your Web projects. From VCL components (*http enabled*) to true RAD tools the list offers the best choices.

1. IntraWeb

IntraWeb allows you to build applications for deployment using standard HTML and Javascript without ever having to know HTML or Javascript. With IntraWeb you build your weblication the same way that a normal Windows / X-windows application is built, but it runs in a browser using only standard HTML and Javascript. No plug ins or Java in the browser required!

2. ExpressWeb

Fully leverage your Delphi skills by using the same Property, Method, and Event model you've come to know within Delphi itself to build any website or web application. Simply select web components (text box, label, etc) from the palette - drop them onto the designer - set properties - write event handlers in Delphi's ObjectPascal - compile and deploy to your favorite web server...

3. ASP.NET using Delphi

aspxDelphi.net brings the world of asp.net to Delphi developers. Featured applications include full source versions of Portal and Store asp.net applications. Database supported include Firebird / MS SQL Server. aspxDelphi.net PORTAL application provides automated content management capabilities and tools to maintain a dynamic and 100% interactive data-driven web site (an intranet or Internet portal application). Store is a full blown web based shop build using Delphi for .Net.

4. WebHub

From plug-n-play components for Delphi to customizable, ready-to-run application servers, WebHub technology brings object-oriented elegance to interactive, CD-ROM, and static sites. This section gives you extensive introductory material about WebHub, including the Portfolio of sites built with WebHub.

5. Doc-to-Net

This innovative CGI application transforms a scanned TIFF image to a PNG, GIF or JPEG, anti-aliases it "on the fly" and streams it through the browser, allowing the end-user to view the document without downloading any plug-ins. Added to this great application are the valuable zoom, pan and scroll features, plus rotating and inverting controls.

6. Witango

Witango can provide your Web Application with a solid application framework, a simple interface for both the production and ongoing maintenance of complex application logic, a variety of mechanisms to integrate to non-web interfaces, and a wide range of database connectivity options.

7. Internet Professional

Internet Professional, or just iPRO for short, is a full-featured collection of native VCL components providing Internet connectivity for 32-bit applications. From sending e-mails and accessing Internet newsgroups, to file transfers, HTTP, browsing HTML files, and sending Instant Messages, Internet Professional has everything you need in easy to use components. Open source.

8. PackageForTheWeb

PackageForTheWeb is a visual development utility for creating more than just self-extracting executables. Need to put an installation on the web? PackageForTheWeb is designed to work with all InstallShield authoring tools. It will wrap any setup into an Internet ready package in a matter of minutes. Need to distribute training materials or other documents?

9. Delphi WebSnap

A component-based Web application development framework that integrates the power of Delphi directly into today's Web site development teams. More info: articles, tutorials, ...

10. MonoX - .Net Portal Framework

Managing a Web site can turn to a real nightmare. There are literally hundreds of Content Management solutions out there, but most of them are focused at managing simple and static pages. More advanced packages cost thousands of dollars and require countless hours spent on deployment and training.

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