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A Tour of Turbo Delphi Integrated Development Environment (IDE)


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How to Start Turbo Delphi?
Tubo Delphi Application Folder, Delphi Startup Screen

Tubo Delphi Application Folder, Delphi Startup Screen

Welcome to the second part of the free online Delphi programming tutorial: Programming in Delphi For Novices and Non-Programmers!

This series of tutorials is oriented to those who want to take their chance in the world of software development, it is designed to teach the complete beginner (read: "non-programmer") how to become a programmer using Delphi.

In the first lesson, you have downloaded and installed your free version of Delphi: Turbo Delphi Explorer (for Win32 development).

This time, we are going to take a tour of the Delphi IDE - Integrated Development Environment.

The IDE comprises several tools and menus and, in general, helps you visually design user interfaces, set object properties, write code, and view and manage your application in various ways.

Turbo Delphi - "subset of" Borland Developer Studio 2006

Once you are done installing Turbo Delphi, you will have a new folder in the Windows Start - Programs menu: "Borland Developer Studio 2006".

Note: By default, Turbo Delphi is installed in the "\Program Files\Borland\BDS\4.0\Bin" folder. "BDS" stands for "Borland Developer Studio" and "4.0" is the version. In short: BDS 4.0 = Borland Developer Studio 2006.

To start Delphi select the "Turbo Delphi" option from the Start - All Programs - Borland Developer Studio 2006 menu.

When Delphi starts (it could even take one full minute to start - depending on your hardware performance) you are presented with the IDE...

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