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Reader Stories: Using Multithreading In Delphi For What?


According to a recent poll I posted (Have You Done Any Multi-threading in Delphi?), more than 80% of Delphi developers (who participated) know how to code multithreaded Delphi applications.

Let's help Delphi beginners! In what type of applications and for what purposes are you writing multithreaded code?

Give us some examples of real world problems where multithreading has helped you make a faster, better application.

Multiple Print Requests in a POS Environment

A single station could support up to 8-locally attached slip/order printers which each are responsible for handling a specific print request.A thread had to be coded for every possible printer that c…More

Multithreads in Database Queries

I did programs for printing labels , envelope and bookmarks for homearchive in Delphi and standard component . Also I did programs what cooperating with MYSQL database with use TADOComponent describi…More

OmniThread Library Example

I did it with the OmniThread Library. It is very powerful yet very easy to use. What I did was simply to create a thread, tell it what procedure I want to run and then activate the thread when needed…More

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