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Readers Respond: Your Programming Day "Déjà vu"

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I've been programming for the last, uh, 20+ years. I guess many of you have the same number of years on your programming back. Be it an entry level programmer or a solution architect I suppose your typical day-to-day tasks sometimes feel like "déjà vu".

Consultant job is never done

I start my day at one in the morning, after getting my nightly 4 hours rest. Go to my basement/office start my 12 computers, 9 of which have different version of operating systems so I can check across multiple systems for compliance. Code for 6 hours, have breakfast and see my younger son off to school. Code for 9 hours, make dinner for wife who asks me to pick up some things during the week or fix something because since I work from home I couldn't possibly be doing anything all day. Spend an hour helping my children with problems of the day. Watch 2 hours of TV or play a PC game then crash for 4 hours till tomorrow. All this has been done in the last 2 years at half my salary because my clients can't afford my any more with the state of the economy and I can't afford to be jobless. I've been programming for 22 years professionally and 31 years altogether. I can't think of a better profession which enlists people of as great a mind or as flexible a spirit as this one.
—Guest MELeslie

My programming day

Hey! My programming day starts out soon after I wake up, even before I actually had a shower! I check company emails and see if anything got sent after midnight. Then I check gmail to skim through the mailing lists :) When I get in the office, I turn on my development machine and check on the time tracking application whether or not something was assigned to me. If it wasn't, I assume I will be doing what I was doing last. It's usually quite long hours of programming work with some smoking interruptions till about lunch time. Have lunch, then back to work :) I am staying at work till usually 7 pm after having dropped in the office at about 8:30 am :) My average programming day however varies significantly cause I am proficient in several programming languages, so it's not uncommon that I will be taking care of a PHP application and a Delphi one at the same time which, by the way, is exactly what I am going to do today :) LOL See ya'll :)
—Guest Andrea Raimondi

Working Hard

My typical day, is some like wake and take a shower, after that, eat something, make a coffe, turn on me, and the computer, read emails and notice sites, and start with the code while listen music in the most times. A lot of work at this time ! But i am trying do make work turns in fun.
—Guest Claudius

Programming evening...

I don't program during the day, but I'm an enthousiast hobby programmer. So my typical evening looks like : 1. get home and eat 2. do some stuff in the house (cleaning, fixing, ...) 3. program an hour or two 4. surf/talk a bit The worst case is when I can't fix a problem and it's time to go to bed. Sometimes I wake up in the night, suddenly seeing the solution and I have to get up to fix it. Oh.. I don't have a television, otherwise I wouldn't have time to program at all !!
—Guest Soitjes

Not this boring!

Ha, not like this! I get up in the morning, turn on laptop in home office! Check the emails while having coffee and carrots ... and the nightly builds ... showering the coat and blow-dry my ears. Thats the easy part. Move to office. Check Facebook, Tweetdeck and the RSS and emails if someone wants something ... you call this email support and todays playlist. While reading, my 6 computers start and check for updates (web, appserver, messaging, development machine, DB Server and my MacBook) Usually 6 hours development productive work at least. Maybe interupted by some "social activites" Cityville, Sharing links, Backyard Monsters, Customers At 6 p.m. I decide a) Goldplating b) Investigating another API c) Just stay in Facebook or check the public.delphi.non-tech and look if there is something uncommented. d) I visit some of my friends at their IT jobs and we check IT stuff 14*7 hours*days ... ok ... sometimes I have siesta ... and fiesta.
—Guest Delph Bunny

Zarko Gajic
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