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Readers Respond: How Would You Handle a Bug In Your Application. Not.

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Bugs happen. We (developers) need to know how to handle them. But sometimes we freak out. At least I do.

Sometimes I think of funny ways how (not to) fix bugs. I think of pretending that I'm dead then trying to scare the bug in my source code. Never helped, though :(

Do you have any fun ideas what to do when users of your application call to say "we found a bug", beside "I do not care, leave me alone."

Try simulate nothing.

Once i asked a user to tell me what he had done to produce the error. She said: I did nothing to produce this error. I let her wait for several minutes. Finally she said: hello, are you still there? I said, yes, I'm trying to simulate. I'm doing nothing, but still no error !
—Guest ExEntryC

Invite client to Beta program

Congratulate the client on finding the bug and as a 'reward' in appreciation of their help in finding bugs invite them to join the Beta test program where they can experience the joys of trying new experimental buggy versions of the program at no extra cost
—Guest Richard Marsden

Hope they not...

I hope all above writers not creating a power plant software...
—Guest Developer

Still in BETA version

Tell the client that the application is still in development and that some errors may exist and the he got the wrong documentation and application info ;)

So Kill It

Just tell them to get out there flY swatter and kill it
—Guest T3©h@®my

Facing a stubborn bug....

Although not that often, I still remember a bug I had once that realy took me a lot of time to find.... I was set-off by a irrelevant error message. The message kept telling me something like the database cursor was moved prior to posting or such... In reality it was a field definition in delphi smaller than the corresponding field in the table. After trying a lot of things like creating a new connection, closing - reopening the db between every post. Hooking a method to the beforepost event to examine what could go wrong I finally was able to phrase a google request differently which sent me looking at the fields definition. It was filally a conditionnal breakpoing using whatever data I had been able to grab after the error occured that left me with the fields definition and examining them I found an irrelevant value in one of them... fixed it! I brief: Observation Conditionnal breakpoints where data is available Trial of different approach Leave the problem for a day of two ....
—Guest MAubin

Pretend it's never happened before

Ask complicated questions with plenty of details as to how, when, where it occurs. Repeat the questions on each correspondance and insist that it could not be repeated. Finally respond: "It's never happened to anybody in the world before".
—Guest Edmund


There is no such thing as a BUG, it is an undocumented feature!
—Guest Aura

Upgrade now!

We are launching new version at next spring, that correct some bugs and add some features. Apply now and gain 10% discount. What are you waiting for? Click here!

It works on my computer

Inform the caller that his computer is out of date, or of the incorrect specification. refer to the page in manual that does not exist that shows exactly what type of power computer is needed to run this application.
—Guest Keith

Question Quiz

Make a 10 question quiz to the user and send de results to your email acount.
—Guest vivire68

under construction

tell the user that the certain feature is under construction and will be delivered as upgrade versipon
—Guest Fuad

format c:

Tell the user, he should reinstall his operating system and the application. And you know what? This is sometimes really a working solution ;-).
—Guest Michael

Bug is Actually an unexpected feature

When bug is found a good way to handle it is creating more code around the bug. In this way the bug will blend into other ( maybe better working) code or new "features".


Say 'Well, it never happens here' (padding to 50 characters)
—Guest nick

Convert bug to feature

Add the steps to reproduce the bug to the documentation and update the documentation in the VCS with a date some days earlier. Now the bug is a program feature and the sales department made the error to not update the users documentation
—Guest Franz-Leo Chomse