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Readers Respond: What are the third-party Delphi components in your Delphi IDE?

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Even though Delphi comes (depending on the version) with some 200+ various components designed to help you do this or that task ... there are situations when you need a special component to do some special job.

I guess every Delphi developer has at least one "extra" component on the Component Palette.

High quality libs

CnPack for extending Delphi IDE JEDI (JCL/JVCL) AnyDAC Envision Image Library OmniThreadLibrary DevExpress - a bit over-engineered (IMHO) Berg NextGrid Also looking forward to start using DORM as is becomes more mature.


ProDelphi gives very detailed in formation about speed of execution, function call chains, etc. Gives powerful insight in the way my applications run.
—Guest Arnold

My Favourites

Devart SDAC, EhLib, EkRTF, gmPrintSuite (not supported any longer but still works with XE), scExcelExport, Scalabium, various About Delphi, TMS and some 'HomeGrown'

Virtual Tree View

And Also we use a pretty customizable Virtual Tree View.

Widely used components

JCL, JVCL, MadExcept, Berg NextGrid, EhLib DbGridEh, HaspApi. IDE: CnPack, GExperts


Standard VCL Delphi, VCL Frank Demmig (very cool 3d) & VCL Mauricio (very cool 3d).
—Guest DEMAR

Zeos Database Library

Absolutely free and with all the source code available! Allows direct connection (DAC) with multiple databases, including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Firebird / Interbase and more. It has a very active developer community!
—Guest Carlos Barreto Feitoza Filho

ATTA components!

Indy, Jedi VCL, Zeos, Alcinoe (great XML parser!) UniDAC, TMS, TRegExpr, kbMemTable and all Turbo Power candies!
—Guest Alvaro Castiello

Third party, what I bought

FastReport, EurekaLog, TMS Component Pack. If I have a lot of money: DevExpress components.
—Guest VICcus

CAD components

Great component for View/Edit AutoCAD drawings: CAD Import VCL (from CadSoftTools)
—Guest Timo

AnyDAC, DevExpress, FastReport

- AnyDAC, Universal Data Access Components for Oracle, MSSQL, FB, PostgreSQL, ... must have for SQLite - DevExpress - Fastreport
—Guest burdi

AnyDAC, DevExpress, FastReport

- AnyDAC - Universal Data Access Components from Delphi to FB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, ... and SQLite. The first DA component for Delphi on the market which fully support SQLite - DevExpress - Fastreport
—Guest Branko

Third-party Delphi components

LakeofSoft, JEDI VCL, TMS controls, VCLSkin, Core Lab ODAC for Delphi 7
—Guest Mauricio Perez

Must Have VCLs

The must have ones are: 1. RemObjects (Hydra, RO, DA) 2. DevExpress (Amazing, Moderate support) 3. TMSSoftware (selection) 4. PAXCompiler (depends on you app req.) 5. SmartInspect (Perfect) Great Ones: 1. siTranslate 2. Active Query Builder 3. eControl (Editor, Designer) and there are alot of useful other VCLs but not as important as the mentioned ones.
—Guest Objectsberg

Third-party Delphi components

I use just about everything from TMS Software. They have it all for VCL and .NET.
—Guest Squelch

Zarko Gajic
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